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Is your airline ready for a crisis?

Airline Crisis in the Age of Connected Traveller

Crises in this industry come in all shapes and forms, ranging from natural disasters and terrorist attacks to delays and PR mishaps.

They share one thing in common: they are unexpected and often catch you unprepared. Furthermore, negativity on social media travels like lightning.

Nowadays airlines are more likely to hear about crises from Facebook or Twitter before hearing from an internal source.

To learn more about handling different types of airline crises, have a look at our free Airline Crisis Guide 2018.

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6 Types of Crises
20+ Do’s & Don’ts
6 Case Studies, including United Airlines flight 3411, AirAsia Indonesia QZ8501 crash and others

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Airline Crisis Communications Assessment

Is your airline ready for the unexpected? We hope so. But hope is not a strategy, therefore we have prepared SimpliFlying Airline Crisis Communications Assessment that helps you evaluate strengths and weaknesses of your disruption strategy.

It is a concise questionnaire, based on three components:

  • Listening
  • Escalation
  • Response

Fill out the form and let a SimpliFlying consultant grade your answers. We will email your individual results within 2 business days — all at no cost.

Available to airlines only.

We’ve got your back

If we had a magic wand, we would eliminate all crises and contingencies in the world. Unfortunately, we don’t have such power.

Luckily, we know how to help airlines prepare and improve their crisis management. SimpliFlying offers a wide range of customized training and consulting solutions, such as:

We have helped 80+ airlines globally, including these

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