World’s first Airline Marketing Slack Community

SimpliFlying has created a free 24/7 invite only slack community exclusively for airline marketers. Chat, discuss, share, and connect.


This means you can now connect with your peers in a simple and informal manner and talk about anything from take-off to landing. Get inspired by others and become an influencer. Anything could happen.

Simpliflying lab


The SimpliFlying Airline Marketing Slack Community has 7 channels dedicated to airline marketing.


Discuss the best in branding and find the X-factor in your airline’s brand. Then bring new ideas to life! You might just win a SimpliFlying Award.


It happens to every airline in some form or another. To some more serious than others. Regardless, this is a channel to help each other out and share the best practices on how to best prepare for and deal with a crisis.


For those who wish to advance their customer service and provide a better experience for passengers, you have come to the right place! Share knowledge, insights, and experiences right here.


Tired of “winging” the launch of a new destination, route, frequency or aircraft? Don’t quite know how to get from O to D?  Here is your free upgrade.


Want to know how to make more with mobile? Just “press 1” for inspiration and provide your passengers with a seamless experience.


A channel for those who love flying revenues to their proper destination!


Dying to discuss something not covered by other channels? Not to worry, just head to the lounge! No need to flash your loyalty status here.

Who moderates the channels?

SimpliFlying facilitates the community now but ideally, we want all of you to run it yourself.

To help accomplish that, we have appointed one “Jedi” per channel who are thought-leaders for the specific topic in the airline industry. The Jedi’s will share insights and their knowledge, start and participate in discussions, as well as moderate their channel.

Jedi for #revenue

Greg Hounslow

Jedi for #crisis

Dennis Owen
ex-Cathay Pacific

Jedi for #customerservice

Arna Yr Sævarsdóttir

Exclusive access to professional airline marketers

All channels in the community are for free but there are much better reasons to join.

Why join?

  • Be inspired
  • Get ideas
  • Learn from others experiences
  • Make new connections
  • Explore opportunities
  • Learn from best practices
  • Find new partnerships
  • Get recommendations on vendors and suppliers
  • Seek help from your peers – e.g. during a crisis
  • Discuss the latest news
  • Find solutions to industry challenges

Why contribute?

  • Encourage others
  • Spread innovative ideas
  • Share your experiences
  • Share your network
  • Share opportunities
  • Tell your best practices
  • Create new partnerships
  • Recommend vendors and suppliers
  • Help your peers – e.g. during a crisis
  • Post your stories
  • Share your solutions to industry challenges
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