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SimpliFlying’s MasterClasses serve as a reality check for airline executives looking to gain cutting-edge branding and customer engagement insights for dealing with today’s Connected Travellers, while becoming conversant in the tools and platforms on offer. Sitting through a SimpliFlying MasterClass is like learning to swim by being pushed in the deep end of a pool.

Each MasterClass uniquely merges theory with practice through interactive group exercises, simulations and case studies that force participants to think on their feet and derive solutions to real-world challenges encountered with today’s Connected Travellers. We deliver both in-house and public MasterClasses (see below). You can also download our MasterClass Prospectus.


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Courses on Offer

Real-time Customer Service

With over 20 case studies plus the latest tools and methods to understand customer expectations as well as how to build a customer service lab, this Customer Service Masterclass helps airlines deal diligently with the Connected Travellers of today and formulate a sustainable strategy that sits well with the target audience.

For more information, download the Social Customer Service MasterClass Infosheet

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Crisis Management

Airlines are more likely to learn about crises form Facebook or Twitter before hearing from an internal source. To help airline and airport executives become better prepared for crises, the SimpliFlying Masterclass will take participants through a unique curriculum comprising of over 20 case studies, high-level discussions and simulation exercises.

For more information, download the Crisis Management MasterClass infosheet.

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Ancillary Revenues

Would your flyers like to sit with passengers with similar interests as discovered through social networks? How about selling discounted add-ons that depend on social advocacy? Or perhaps, if you have in-flight wifi, you might like to know how to drive revenues from it without passing on the costs to customers? This MasterClass shows you how to drive ancillaries from the Connected Traveller.

For more information, download the Driving Revenues from the Connected Traveller Infosheet.

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Route Launches

The same way social media is used to develop insights into new product and route development, social media can also be harnessed to deliver results for the launch of new routes. At the end of this MasterClass, participants walk away with a detailed strategic implementation plan for launching new routes on social media.

For more information, download the Social Media for PR and New Route Launches infosheet.

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Where do you stand in the spectrum of airlines that have embraced social media? And what can you do to stay ahead of competition? This MasterClass is a tailored training initiative to help airlines assess how well they are driving business goals through social media.

For more information, download the Benchmarking MasterClass Infosheet.

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The Loyalty MasterClass emphasizes the need for a clearly defined social loyalty strategy that is result-oriented, not just ad-hoc social initiatives that are buzz- focused. Moreover, traditional loyalty programs need not be perturbed yet – these solutions can easily co-exist with previously established loyalty programs.

For more information, download the Loyalty MasterClass Infosheet.

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Engaging today’s Connected Travellers is not only of importance to airlines, but airports too can strategically engage them to amplify their branding and ancillary revenue potential. SimpliFlying offers a MasterClass on Airport Marketing 2.0 to help airports leverage social media and use it to drive meaningful business goals.

For more information, download the Airports MasterClass infosheet.

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IATA Training Courses

SimpliFlying, in partnership with IATA, offers advanced training and certification courses in for airline executives looking to get hands-on experience in social media tools and platforms and advance their marketing strategy. The “Airline Social Media Strategy” courses typically run for three full-days, and is a required elective for the Diploma in Airline Business Development, and recommended for those who have taken the Advanced Airline Marketing course. To register and find out the next available course at a location near you, please visit the course website. These IATA courses can also be delivered on-site at your airline’s offices.

Please drop us a line at iata@simpliflying.com, or getting in touch directly through the IATA course website.

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Public MasterClasses

Coming Soon

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Pricing & Info

SimpliFlying offers both in-house and public masterclasses. While we offer standard training courses as stated above, we also offer customisable courses according to our clients’ needs. Please write to us at masterclass@simpliflying.com to find out more, or simply click the button on the right and fill out the form. We’ll get back to you at the earliest.


1-Day MasterClass | EUR 995 per person 
2-Day MasterClass| EUR 1495 per person 
Custom MasterClass | On Request

*Minimum attendance of 5 people is required. Internet connection is also required and attendees are expected to bring their laptops. Pricing does not include cost of travel, accommodation, visa fees and miscellaneous expenses that are expected to be borne by the client.

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