SimpliFlying is an exclusive aviation partner for Unmetric, a Social Media Benchmarking Company.  

Ever wondered how your Twitter reply times stack up against the competition? What are your competitors that are engaging the community? Who has the best content strategy? Stop flying blind on social media and gain competitive intelligence to boost your growth rates and engagement levels.

Unmetric monitors daily activity on the social media outposts of over 5000 brands from 25 sectors to help brands analyze competitors, benchmark performance and compete intelligently. Its illustrious list of clients includes Citibank, Nestle, AirTel, Subway and more.

If you’re an airline or an airport keen to try out the product, you can sign up for a free trial here.


A snapshot from the Unmetric Dashboard


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Interglobe Technologies

InterGlobe Technologies

The SimpliFlying partnership with InterGlobe enables airlines to handle customer service issues through Facebook, Twitter and other social mediums in a scalable manner.

InterGlobe Technologies

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With travel companies keen on leveraging social media, Interglobe Technologies (IGT), a global leader in providing integrated IT-BPO solutions to the travel and hospitality industry, and SimpliFlying, the leading airline and airport brand strategy firm, have come together to offer new solutions to airlines and airports looking to handle, improve or scale their social operations.

The partnership was announced at APEX Expo 2011 at Seattle.  Akhil Agarwal, Chief Operating Officer, IGT, says, “We believe that social media is altering travel planning and purchase.  As travelers get more social, travel brands will generate considerable social chatter. Our internal studies confirm that for every 100 customer service calls, airlines will attract 96 conversations over social media. Given this need, we believe that our partnership with SimpliFlying will enable the integration of marketing & customer support consulting with technology as an enabler.”

Shashank Nigam, Chief Executive Officer, SimpliFlying, adds, “There are 191 airlines on Twitter today, and only 85 actively tweet. Of these, only 28 provide 80% of the tweets. Most are obviously short on resources. As travel companies get more social, its time to provide options where they can scale their social media programs without a dramatic increase in costs. Our partnership with IGT will redefine the business strategies where we will be able to provide end-to-end customer engagement solutions to our customers.”

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The Social Media Center of Excellence at InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) helps airlines and travel companies setup a robust & scalable New Media Contact Center. Using a hub and spoke model, companies can now manage queries in multiple languages, ensure service consistency and maintain standard response and resolution time across multiple geographies over key channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. The hub comprising of key social media enablers like ecommerce, PR, customer service and reservations works closely with the social media centers spread globally, Through a robust governance model, the hub ensures the highest standards of quality, efficient resource management, continuous training and adherence to pre-defined Service Level Agreements.

In a nutshell: The joint solution offered by IGT and SimpliFlying will allow airlines to scale their customer service offerings through social media without putting significant resources towards expanding an internal team. This will help airlines and travel companies achieve significant cost savings, drive operational efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.

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Mango Aviation

Mango Aviation

Specialist supplier of aviation services, Mango Aviation Partners, and Simpliflying, will collaborate to offer airlines and airports worldwide expert advice and support in a bid to drive results from the increasingly connected travellers of today.

Managing partner, Mango Aviation Partners, Andrew Cowen, explained: “In our view, aviation deregulation has brought much needed competition and increasing consumer choice to the travellers of today.

“However, where airlines and airports – aviation as a whole – lag behind other retail industries is in their detailed understanding of the requirements of so many air travellers. 
“Even today, far too often, customers come second in aviation decision-making in many cases simply through a lack of appreciation of traveller-needs and how they perceive airline and airport delivery.” 
Cowen highlighted: “By partnering with Simpliflying, we believe we can offer airlines and airports means and solutions to better understand travellers on their terms, and more sharply focus their customer offering in those areas that travellers truly value and drive their airline and airport choices.” 
Shashank Nigam, the CEO of SimpliFlying commented: “While social media presences have proliferated, airlines still have limited resources and need guidance on how to develop strategies to drive specific goals, rather than just running contests on such social media platforms. 
“Mango makes an ideal partner for SimpliFlying, due to its expertise and focus on airline start-ups, who are in need of effectively engaging travellers to drive revenue, loyalty and other goals,” Nigam concluded. 
[Mango Aviation Partners are an aviation advisory boutique group offering air transport companies around the world a comprehensive range of services from strategic development and business design through to implementation, management and control.] 

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