SimpliFlying’s ROI Dashboards, traditionally a part of its consulting suite, are now available as a web application for airlines to assess the success/failure rate of their social media campaigns against industry contenders.

This comprehensive metrics system will be an indispensable tool for airline executives looking to plan for future campaigns while driving top management support with clearly defined numbers and aesthetically-generated comparison charts.

In many business circles, a common assumption is that it is enough to “enter” or “place yourself” in social media. The rest will happen on its own when fans and followers are acquired. That is a myth. Although fan- and follower-numbers are good metrics to measure the awareness your airline has generated, solely depending on a specific number of fans to measure success can be fatal.

Clients who have successfully implemented SimpliFlying ROI Dashboards

SimpliFlying, while working with a number of its clients has developed a tested and reliable metrics system that graphically indicates how successful airline’ social media campaigns have been in primarily three areas: driving revenuereach and engagement. Each of these three broad categories have sub-categories of their own that assess how successful a certain campaign has been compared to similar, past campaigns. The result is shown in the form of beautiful and easily understood charts than can be used across the boards for campaign analysis and strategic planning.

See below for screenshots from the actual web interface that compares a number of campaigns.

If you would like to implement ROI Dashboards for your company or airline or discuss the product in more detail, please email or click here.