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Episode #135

The story behind Dave Carroll's new song for airlines ``SORRY``

Episode #134

How should airlines behave in the aftermath of a natural disaster?

Episode #133

Ajay Singh, the CEO of SpiceJet, on the airline turnaround of the decade

Episode #132

Interview with Henry Harteveldt on the future of technology in airlines

Episode #131

Interview with Rossen Dimitrov, Chief Guest Experience Officer of WestJet

Episode #130

Hugh Aitken from Skyscanner on the future of airline commerce, Bots and conversion

Episode #129

CEO of Relay42, Tomas Salfischberger, on the importance of personalization for airlines

Episode #128

Stephany Van Willigenburg from Google on the best advice for airlines

Episode #127

The future of airline commerce and social media live from #AviationFest

Episode #126

Ross Feinstein from American Airlines on the future of social customer care

Episode #125

STG Aerospace CEO, Nigel Duncan, on the importance of cabin lighting for #PaxEx

Episode #124

Honoring the best airlines in the world on social media #SFawards17


Episode #123

What makes #SimpliRetreats so critical to our culture and success as a team?

Episode #122

Eash Sundaram of jetBlue on technology, innovation and leadership

Episode #121

Is Expedia's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, up to the task of being the Uber CEO?

Episode #120

Brand personification for new C Series by SWISS

Episode #119

Would you like to video call your reservations agent?

Episode #118

The importance of transparency in communications

Episode #117

Would you like to hire an entire airline eCommerce team?

Episode #116

Best #Eclipse2017 initiatives

Episode #115

Upcoming Labs in London and Las Vegas!

Episode #114

The coolest airline offices in the world

Episode #113

Would you pay more to fly on a new aircraft?

Episode #112

How making one change skyrocketed our team productivity, happiness, and creativity

Episode #111

Following my passion for aviation

Episode #110

Best airline stopover programs

Episode #109

Interview with Campbell Wilson on Singapore Airlines

Episode #108

Does requiring a dress code have an impact on an airline brand?

Episode #107

Lufthansa's #Inspiredby Heimweh campaign

Episode #106

Safety videos as marketing strategy

Episode #105

Betting against the odds

Episode #104

Shouldn't we all have a bit of fun in aviation?

Episode #103

Implementation of an airline social media command center

Episode #102

How should airlines deal with flight diversions?

Episode #101

The epidemic of fake airline social media metrics


Episode #100

Round-up of first 100 episodes!

Episode #99

Reflecting on a 31-year career in airline marketing

Episode #98

The world's first silent disco at 35K feet!

Episode #97

How can airlines use sonic branding?

Episode #96

Finnair's partnership with Marimekko

Episode #95

Invitation to #SimpliLab in London

Episode #94

What does it mean to be an airline for millennials?

Episode #93

British Airways' new safety video

Episode #92

American Airlines honors JFK team member

Episode #91

Lessons on airline branding from a creepy urinal advertisement

Episode #90

Frequent Flyer's birthday surprises

Episode #89

Competitive edge for airline product vs. service

Episode #88

How should airline CEOs do an apology right?

Episode #87

Air New Zealand's new safety video

Episode #86

What led SpiceJet to a remarkable turnaround?

Episode #85

Is price the product or something else for airlines?

Episode #84

The best of First Class offerings

Episode #83

What is the bare minimum a Business Class traveller needs today?

Episode #82

What are Apple and Uber learning from airlines?

Episode #81

Discussing the digital future of Finnair with Chief Digital Officer, Katri Harra-Salonen

Episode #80

Delta Air Lines + Jet Airways?


Episode #79

The positive side of United's fiasco

Episode #78

Explaining Qatar Airways' behavior

Episode #77

Will Ryanair become the Amazon of the airline world?

Episode #76

The secrets to Singapore Airlines' success in implementing strategy

Episode #75

What would top aviation executives advise their 25year old self?

Episode #74

How Norwegian is shaking up aviation

Episode #73

A recap of the best conversations from #PAS17


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Episode #72

Interview with Mark Lapidus from Amedeo

Episode #71

Interview with the Chairman of SAUDIA

Episode #70

Interview with Carsten Spohr from Lufthansa

Episode #69

Interview with Ilker Ayci from Turkish Airlines

Episode #68

Interview with Niko Bezuidenhout from fastjet

Episode #67

Interview with Xia Cai from Oman Air

Episode #66

Interview with Nick Leontidis from CAE

Episode #65

Interview with Marc Parent from CAE

Episode #64

Interview with Rob Dewar from Bombardier

Episode #63

Interview with Martin Gauss from Air Baltic

Episode #62

Interview with Randy Tinseth from Boeing

Episode #61

Opening episode from Le Bourget

Episode #60

What to expect from the Paris Air Show 2017?

Episode #59

How important are uniforms as a symbol of the airline brand?

Episode #58

How important are ancillary revenues for marketing an airline brand?

Episode #57

Which airlines have stood out and which haven't so far in 2017? Part 2.

Episode #56

Which airlines have stood out and which haven't so far in 2017? Part 1.

Episode #55

How did Kulula become the world's funniest airline?

Episode #54

Meet SimpliFlying at Paris Air Show!

Episode #53

Why every airline needs to have a social media command center right now?

Episode #52

How can airlines best deal with Brand eXternalities?

Episode #51

How should airlines tackle information dissemination during a mass disruption?


Episode #50

Round-up of first 50 SimpliLive episodes

Episode #49

The story behind our crazy work culture experiment

Episode #48

How can airlines inspire and be inspired by tourism agencies?

Episode #46

How Air New Zealand came to “own” airline safety videos?

Episode #46

How have 9/11 and social media changed air travel forever?

Episode #45

Interview with the CEO of AirAsia X, Benyamin Ismail

Episode #44

What is crew-marketing about?

Episode #43

Can airlines hack their way to success?

Episode #42

Why is low-cost long-haul so hard?

Episode #41

How Royal Jordanian Airlines broke the internet with timely marketing?

Episode #40

Air Canada ditches Aeroplan

Episode #39

Life of an #avgeek

Episode #38

In conversation with APEX CEO Joe Leader on leadership, #PaxEx and turnaround

Episode #37

My 6-star American Airlines flight

Episode #36

Lessons in airline marketing from a creperie in Montreal

Episode #35

What will happen if more executives dealt with the customers?

Episode #34

Baiba's journey at SimpliFlying

Episode #33

787s and ULCC - what does it mean for Westjet?

Episode #32

Customer service as marketing

Episode #31

How can an airline build a sustainable competitive advantage?


Episode #30

What is it like working at SimpliFlying for 5 years?

Episode #29

Can he win back your trust?

Episode #28

What can airlines learn from Uber about customer service?

Episode #27

What will the future of airline social customer service look like?

Episode #26

How American Airlines prevented AA591 stroller incident from spiraling out of control?

Episode #25

WestJet's new ULCC -- a genius move?

Episode #24

How and why my first flight on Singapore airlines was remarkable?

Episode #23

Why is it important not to deal with “Jokers like Joe”?

Episode #22

Helena Kaartinen @ Finnair: A story of compassion and trust

Episode #21

The Age of Enragement: How can airlines brands SOAR in this new era?

Episode #20

Why do we fly? Why airlines exist in the first place?

Episode #19

Why the new TripAdvisor rankings for airlines signal a shift towards transparency?

Episode #18

What needs to be done by April 30 to save the United brand?

Episode #17

Why SimpliFlying will boycott United due to #flight3411

Episode #16

Five ways airlines can take Twitter customer service to the next level

Episode #15

Why airlines need to appoint a Chief Storyteller in 2017?

Episode #14

Marco Serusi shares what it's like working at SimpliFlying for over 5 years!

Episode #13

Why legacy airlines face the challenge of investing in services and cutting costs, at the same time?

Episode #12

“Never say never” attitude exemplified by the office boy who became first officer

Episode #11

Which airlines ran the most creative April Fool's Day gags, and why do they matter?


Episode #10

Deconstructing the birth of a new product #SimpliLab

Episode #9

How to learn to say “no” to more things than you say “yes” to?

Episode #8

The story of how I built credibility to begin with and then got my first client

Episode #7

Looking back at all the creative ways airlines have dealt with the #electronicsban

Episode #6

How United Airlines messed up on social media and what other airlines can learn?

Episode #5

Alaska Airline announced that the Virgin America brand will be no more. My two cents.

Episode #4

The story of how I went from working at a tech startup to starting an airline blog..

Episode #3

How we barely managed to get copies of SOAR shipped in time for the launch!

Episode #2

How can airlines minimize the damages to their brands? #ElectronicsBan

Episode #1


Why is selling 52,000 tickets a BIG deal for a new airline?

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