Find out how airline brands can delight their customers and inspire employees

SOAR is the first book to chart the journey
of eight exceptional airline brands
through eyes of the very people who
made it happen – the employees.

In writing this book, SimpliFlying CEO
Shashank Nigam has drawn on his
experience of helping 70+ brands
in aviation to become remarkable.

I’ve learnt a great deal from Shashank, and you will too. His book uncovers the secrets of the best airline brands in the world, which will help your airline stay ahead of the competition, for a long time to come.

Nicola Lange, Director – Premium Services, Lufthansa

Featuring 8 Exceptional Airline Brands

The quintessential airline marketing book, SOAR is a treasure chest of case studies based on revealing interviews with C-level executives, middle managers and front-line employees.
Gain in-depth insights into brand execution at the executive, operational and customer level within Singapore Airlines, Southwest, Turkish Airlines, Air New Zealand, AirAsia, Finnair, Vueling and Kulula.

About the Author

Shashank Nigam is the Founder and CEO of SimpliFlying, one of the most sought-after marketing strategy firm in the industry today. In mere six years, Nigam and his team have helped over 75 airlines and airports become remarkable.

Nigam is the youngest winner of the Global Brand Leadership Award and regularly addresses senior aviation executives across the globe. His impassioned perspectives on airline marketing have been featured in over 100 media outlets, including the BBC, CNBC, Reuters and Bloomberg, and leading publications like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. His nuanced insights feature in his monthly column in Flight’s Airline Business.

An alumnus of Singapore Management University and Carnegie Mellon University in Information Systems Management and Business Management, he is a true globetrotter. He was born in India, grew up in Singapore, lived in Boston and Kampala and is currently based in Toronto with his wife and daughter.

Shashank Nigam’s vision is fully expressed by his analysis of these powerful connections between these airline brands, their customers and their employees. He is the leading steward pushing the boundaries of airline marketing, a pioneer to do so.

Jeff Cacy, Former Managing Director of Airline Marketing, Boeing

SOAR is priced to share. We want to inspire the future generation of marketers through stories from the best airline brands in the world.
Change doesn’t happen by one person’s effort. Hence we want you to read not just SOAR, but share it with your boss, your colleagues and your friends too! As a result, we have special pricing if you order in bulk, contact us to find out more.

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SOAR Launch Party

SOAR Launch Party

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