Customer Service 2.0: Top 10 Airlines and Airports performing Customer Service through Social Media

If twenty years ago one had asked an airline marketing executive about the dangers that a bad experience, passed on through word of mouth, could represent for the company’s image and brand he/she would have probably laughed. And with some degree of reason too! After all, those were the good old days when, if one

Five Steps to Succeeding as an Airline Customer Service Social Media team

Editor’s note: Did you know that KLM guarantees a reply to every tweet within 60 minutes? And @DeltaAssist will reply to all tweets within 10 mins and resolve your issue within 24 hours? How do they provide such customer service online? To answer these questions, we asked the super-exuberant Jenn Seeley from Radian6 to shed some light

Airlines on Twitter Monthly Report for August 2011: Cebu Pacific joins the big league and scores high!

SimpliFlying is back with the  Monthly Twitter Report for airlines (in partnership with Eezeer) for August 2011 in continuation with our coverage and analysis of the dynamic social media landscape for airlines. After close to 6 months of reporting monthly on how airlines are using Twitter, we can safely say that apart from Facebook, Twitter is the

12 ways airports can turn stranded travelers into happy customers in the next crisis

Editor’s Note: A day before I spoke about putting the joy back into the airport experience at the Annual ACI Conference in Lisbon, Philippe Scheimann from suggested that he wanted to write a guest article as a follow up to his earlier ‘How to empower stranded travelers‘. We decided that that the next article

Crises Management for airlines and airports in the age of social media- Presentation from ACI Europe

Last week, had the honor of presenting at the ACI Europe Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. While the city had beautiful weather, I addressed the audience of mainly airport CEOs and Commercial Heads on how to engage customers when the weather goes bad – in times of crises. I used a number of examples, from the

Proactive Customer Service at Southwest Airlines – Interview with Fred Taylor

Yes, you read it right – Fred Taylor doesn’t work in the Customer Service Deptartment at Southwest Airlines – he works with the Proactive Customer Service – and that makes a pretty big difference, as you’ll realize in the interview we managed to grab with him recently. Who is Fred Taylor? Keeping a finger on

[Infographic] Airlines on Twitter – April 2011 data reveals the need to focus on Customer Service

Continuing our coverage and analysis of the dynamic social media landscape for airlines, we’ve released the April 2011 Airlines on Twitter report with Eezeer. Data around airlines on Twitter this month reveals a few stark facts: 99.8% of all tweets are about service item issues – like flight delays, baggage inquiries and other customer service

Passenger Experience, Satisfaction & Concessions @ PTExpo11

We attended the Passenger Terminal Expo and Conference in Copenhagen March 29-31, where 3500+ industry attendees gathered to listen and debate topics across the full range of airport issues. We focused especially on presentations that dealt with and impacted the Passenger’s Travel Experience. Our expectation was that we’d learn how the airports were implementing strategies

How Singapore Changi Airport has created the most lovable airport brand in the world

This is a guest article by Ron Kaufman. Ron is the world’s leading educator and motivator for upgrading customer service and uplifting service culture. He is author of the bestselling “UP Your Service!” books and founder of UP Your Service! College. To enjoy more customer service training and service culture articles, visit This article

AirAsia takes customer service to social media with AskAirAsia

We’ve all seen how @DeltaAssist is helping travelers out on Twitter, and now on Facebook too. Then we learnt that 93.8% of all tweets to airlines in March 2011 were about customer service issues [see infographic]. Seeing these trends, it was only a matter of time before we saw more customer service functions go social.

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