SimpliFlying conducts regular paid (as well as free) webinars on airline branding, customer engagement and social media. These webinars are offered in partnership with Web Events Solutions.

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Social Loyalty: How airlines can use virtual incentives to drive real-world loyalty

Social Loyalty: How airlines can use virtual incentives to drive real-world loyalty
  • The loyal customer of today – meet Tim Freyer
  • Differentiating between loyal travelers and frequent fliers
  • How IHG drives social loyalty (and what can airlines learn)
  • The three paradigms of social loyalty
    • Location! Location! Location!
    • Virtual incentives driving real-world actions
    • Social breakage
  • Case Study: BMIbaby and Gowalla
  • Case Study: Virgin Atlantic and social gaming
  • Case Study: Air New Zealand and Koru Lounges
  • The future – a social loyalty tier (and how to get there!)

Social shopping and group buying for airlines - driving revenues from new media

  • How airlines are driving revenues from social media
  • What is the difference between social shopping and group buying
  • Group buying case studies: Lufthansa Brazil and Virgin America
  • Social Shopping Case studies: Malaysia Airlines MHBuddy Facebook App and Satisfly
  • Evaluation criteria and success metrics before running a group buying deal

(FREE) Social CRM for Airlines - Managing the cult and driving true value

  • Why airlines need to go beyond just collecting fans and followers on social media
  • Hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers cannot be dealt in the same manner
  • Why CRM = Cult Relationship Management
  • Live Demo of the SimpliFlying Social CRM Product
    1. How to start distinguishing flying customers from noisy fans
    2. How to identify the most influential people on Twitter, amongst your mailing lists
    3. How to communicate with fans using their preferred medium of communication
    4. How to run campaigns for select groups of fans and customers
    5. How to measure results and track ROI from campaigns
  • How to derive value from the person you're dealing with, rather than just monitoring conversations

Calculating ROI from social media for airlines - How to set Appropriate KPIs and Benchmarks tailored to Your Objectives and Gain Top Management Buy-in

  • Clarify and set key objectives that tally with your overall marketing and communications goals
  • Understand and utilize key cross-industry benchmarks to put your efforts in context and track success
  • What's better - 1,000 re-tweets or an increase in traffic of 10% to your homepage?
  • Should you look for a growth in Facebook likes? Or a growth in special offer redemptions?
  • How to link social media initiatives to KPIs?
  • Designing and using easy-to-understand dashboards
  • Hear top tips to on how to convince your board of the value of social media without clear ROI information

How airlines can drive profitable customer engagement using location based social media tools

  • Why is location-based marketing becoming important?
  • Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places - what's the difference?
  • Case Study: KLM Surprises
  • Case Study: Continental #Justlanded
  • Case Study: Lufthansa's Oktoberfest
  • Location based tools to complement loyalty marketing
  • Using location to drive customer service
  • 3 steps you can take today to drive results

How to leverage social media to manage aviation crises

  • Why social media is critical in crisis management
  • Case Study: Qantas - an airline that missed an opportunity
  • Case Study: American Airlines - an airline that got it right*
  • 5 ways to leverage social media during a crises
    • Plan ahead
    • How to involve Corporate Communications during a crisis management
    • Dealing with customer service issues
    • Leveraging brand ambassadors
    • Evaluate the response
  • Next steps

Airline Marketing - Social Media Twebinar Series with SimpliFlying

  • 5.5 ways airlines can drive revenue through social media branding
  • Five critical steps for airlines to sell through Twitter successfully
  • Ten FREE social media tools successful airlines use for online brand engagement

(Free) Selling Levis to airline customers - the Amazon strategy for airlines to increase revenues and reduce cost

By attending this webinar you will learn best practices about
  • smart merchandising strategies in line with CI and business strategy
  • overcoming technology barriers and achieving short time to market

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