Airline Marketing SimpliRecap: Virgin America’s in-flight Social Network, KLM introduces social payments, British Airways’ heart-warming ad

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Could Virgin America’s in-flight social network mark the start of a new craze?

Passengers can download the Here On Biz app and use it to search for, and connect with, other travellers at the airport, on the flight and at their final destination. Travellers simply need to have downloaded the app and have a LinkedIn profile to make use of the service, which relies on Gogo’s in-flight Wi-Fi network.

Read more on Future Travel Experience.


KLM first airline to let passengers pay ‘socially’ via Facebook or Twitter

According to KLM, customers are already able to arrange extra services through social media, but until now payment has taken place over the telephone. However, as customers have regularly indicated that they would like to pay online through its social media channels, the airline decided to explore the posibilities of ‘social payment’.

Find out how it works at


British Airways warms your hearts with ‘Go Further to Get Closer’

Christopher Fordyce, Regional Commercial Manager, South Asia, British Airways, said “The essence of ‘Go Further to Get Closer’ lies within the dissipating love and passion in the relationship; a loss affecting personal lives of people. The work pressure and tech-savvy lifestyle leading to communication gap and the only solution being – a getaway to a new destination. Our film focusses on spending quality time with your partner and strengthening the love bond whilst discovering a new place and enjoying your travelling experience with British Airways.”

Watch the video And there’s a Facebook Quiz too. Find out more at Bangalore Aviation.


Thai Airways first to offer in-flight Wi-Fi in Thailand

The flag carrier rolled out WiFi internet services last Friday on its six Airbus 380-800 superjumbos and seven Airbus 330-300 jetliners…

The introduction of THAI Sky Connect makes it the first airline in Thailand to offer WiFi to passengers, ahead of budget carriers Nok Air and Thai AirAsia, which are still working on the process to get services launched, probably later this year.

THAI claims it is the fifth airline in Asia to offer onboard connectivity.

Find out more, including rates, at Skift.


ANA Embraces Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change with Support of “Changemakers” 

ANA (All Nippon Airways), showing leadership in Social Media, has partnered with a US Social Entrepreneur Organization calledAshoka to create a kind of digital charity/donation concept called Blue Wing.

…Through social media engagement, ANA will provide a platform and forum for people to cooperate and communicate with ANA in collaboration to support these organizations.

Nice initiative by ANA. Watch the video. Read more here.



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