SimpliFlying in The News – May/ June 2014: Aviation Marketing Insights in Flight Chic & more!

Our CEO, Shashank Nigam, spoke at a star-studded SITA summit earlier this month, on the future of social media for airlines, alongside Eash Sundaram, CIO of JetBlue Airways and Susana Brown, MD of Operations Technologies at American Airlines who delved into their social media strategy. This spurred an interesting article by Marisa Garcia, “Airlines: Is a customer service mindset at odds with a social media culture?”. Take a look here


On the airport side, SimpliFlying spoke with Changi Airport’s Ivan Tan, SVP for Corporate Communications and Marketing, in an executive exchange of insights to explore Changi’s Success with Connected Travellers, including issues on allocation of resources for social media.

McMullen: Given Changi is a 24/7 airport, how does Changi allocate resources for social media?

Tan: The communications and responses on all our social media channels are managed in-house. These channels are monitored actively during waking hours. Due to the dynamic nature of Twitter, the Changi Contact Centre provides assistance to handle queries and complaints round-the-clock.

Please enjoy the following articles where SimpliFlying has been featured in this May/ June.

Airlines: Is a customer service mindset at odds with a social media culture?
Flight Chic | June 21, 2014

This was in the context of a presentation by Shashank Nigam of Simpliflying about the shifting habits of flyers to share their dissatisfaction with airlines on Social Media in various ways.

Nigam urged attendees at the Summit to note the trend towards an always-on conversation from the flying public, sharing Selfies from the airplane during aircraft emergencies (which will sound familiar to Flight Chic readers)–even complaining about the inflight product on Social Media via the inflight Wi-Fi without voicing the complaint to the inflight crew… Read more

Airport World Magazine | May/ June 2014

In this age of increased connectivity and mobility, how exactly can airports tap into the connected travellers market? … #AirportMarketingX will be delving into opportunities such as ‘crowdsourcing’, ‘crowdfunding’, end-to-end mobile experiences and next-generation airport retail over a series of upcoming articles… Read more

Airport World Magazine | June 8, 2014

… how are airports currently serving local communities – using both traditional and social means – and, what are some ways to magnify these efforts using social channels and online engagement? Read more

Asia Pacific is Most Vibrant Region for Duty Free and Travel Retail
Naasau News Live | June 5, 2014

Four regional focus workshops took place during the day on East Asia, Australia & New Zealand, South East Asia, and India & South Asia. The closing plenary on ‘Asia 2020’ explored the shopping behaviour of tomorrow’s Asian travellers with speakers Jorge Rodriguez, Director of Brand Alliance and Shubhodeep Pal, Vice President of SimpliFlying. Read more

Airports Get Social on Facebook and Twitter
Airport Improvement Magazine | May/ June 2014

David McMullen, vice president of airports at SimpliFlying, encourages airports to remember that a large following does not automatically mean they are doing something right. “A strong brand name can often account for large followings,” advises McMullen. “(Conversely), Facebook is a place where smaller airports can punch above their weight and gain loyal followers and customers.” Read more


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Li Guen

Li Guen

Former Head of Communications and Marketing at SimpliFlying
Li Guen was the Marketing Communication Lead and Project Manager at SimpliFlying from May 2012 to May 2017. Prior to this, Li Guen was at Weber Shandwick working with clients including Rolls-Royce, Changi Airport Group and P&G. In her free time, Li Guen likes trekking mountains in Asia.
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