Podcast about SOAR: How Airlines Win with Shashank Nigam, CEO of Simpliflying

Editor’s note: This article consists of excerpts from DepartureUnknown‘s recent post and interview with Shashank Nigam, CEO, SimpliFlying about his latest published book SOAR (#1 New Release on Amazon). For the original full post, please click here.

Listen to the full podcast here here

By Garen Patrick

… Shashank shares with me the story of how he began his career at SimpliFlying as well the thinking behind the perks that keep his company thriving. Unlimited vacation and work wherever you like in the world being a couple of them.

Based on the research for his newly released book SOAR he outlines some of the most important things that the world’s best airlines do to create incredible experience. We also step back from aviation and look at how service can impact urban mobility.

This is a great conversation and I really enjoyed the stories he shares about the people that make air travel what it is today.


When you take a flight from LA to London you have a myriad of choices. Economy seats, business class lie flat seats, on board chefs, on board nannies, better movie selections and worse movie selections, friendlier cabin crew or colder cabin crew…all these elements make up the service component of your journey and are the things you actually remember.

So when we project a future with mobility as a service we can learn a lot from what airlines are doing to keep and build their passenger loyalty.

With this in mind I have a few interviews lined up geared around service in air travel with the hope that I can uncover some insights into what service can mean for the future of urban mobility…


Editor’s note: 

Shashank’s newly published book, SOAR, has recently attained #1 New Release on Amazon under the categories of “Global Marketing” and “Commercial Aviation”. To find out more and purchase a copy, click here.




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