We have helped over 90 airlines, airports and OEMs to solve problems,
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We are the most experienced airline marketing and communication consulting company in the world.

Over the past 10 years, we have specialized in helping airlines in these three areas.

There are two reasons that bring people to SimpliFlying. Some come to us to solve a specific problem like the response speeds of their social media customer service or the need to communicate a new brand, aircraft or destination

Others come to us to prepare for the future. They recognize things are changing and they turn to the world’s most experienced airline marketing and communication strategy firm to ensure they are prepared. Their goals vary from making sure they can face the next crisis to trying to innovate faster than their competitors.

Sometimes we find that to achieve a goal, change must come from the inside. In these cases, a change in internal communication strategies can do wonders. The challenges tend to come from two areas: internal silos and disconnected staff.

Airlines, in particular, are often faced with the need to improve the way they communicate with their frontline staff. Improving the way communication flows on the inside is vital to make sure these organizations can react to today’s fast-paced communication environment.

When a simple change in communication strategy won’t do, it might be necessary to work on changing the very structure of the organization. This drastic measure if often needed to ensure the structure of the company is suitable to operate in today’s communication environment.

When this happens, SimpliFlying works to design a new arrangement that will have the lowest possible impact on the company’s normal activity but will work to remove any bottlenecks that are preventing the company from communicating successfully.

Case Study

Taking Volaris’ marketing
and communication strategy
to the next level

Let us help you by adapting our five-step consulting process to your needs

  • Executive Briefing

    The first step is to give you an overview of cutting edge innovations in airlines and the latest trends among travelers. Aimed in particular at senior management, we find that this stage often serves as a wake-up call and helps drive internal alignment. Over 5000 executives have attended SimpliFlying’s briefings and presentations.

  • Assessment

    Rather than adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we get under the skin of your business to identify the biggest gaps and spot key opportunities to leapfrog competition. The strategic assessment involves at least a dozen interviews with staff from multiple departments to determine the as-is state in the airline. We then produce an assessment document within four weeks with key recommendations.

  • Training

    Once we’ve interviewed key stakeholders in your organisation and done our assessment, we can start implementing our recommendations. This starts with a SimpliFlying training workshop. Participants have told us that this is like learning to swim by being pushed in the deep end of a pool. It merges theory with practice through interactive group exercises, simulations and over 50 case studies that force participants to think on their feet.

  • Strategy road-map

    Having completed our assessment and worked with you in a collaborative workshop, the next step is for us to produce a strategy road-map. This is typically brimming with initiatives to be implemented that would help you stay ahead of competition.

  • Consulting

    The Roadmap that we’ve produced for you shows the way ahead when it comes to building your brand and increasing both revenues and passenger satisfaction. We consult with you on an on-going basis to make sure your marketing activity is aligned with this. We can work with your own agencies on implementation, or by using a team of marketing agency experts that we have in-house we can implement them ourselves, thereby providing you with a complete end to end solution.


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