At SimpliFlying, we continuously monitor the situation of the COVID-19 crisis to help airlines navigate through their concerns.

At SimpliFlying, we continuously monitor the situation of the COVID-19 crisis to help airlines navigate through their concerns.


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Free eBook: Airline Health Safety Yearbook – How the World’s Best Airlines are Rebuilding Trust in Travel

To celebrate airlines that have gone above and beyond when it comes to health safety, we’ve created an eBook containing interviews with c-level executives about how they put their passengers first throughout the pandemic. Included are:


Air Astana, AirCalin, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Avianca, Caribbean Airlines, Etihad Airways, Fiji Airways, Japan Airlines, JetSmart, Qatar Airways, Saudia, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, SriLankan Airlines, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines & Virgin Atlantic.

Free whitepaper: Seven predictions on the future of travel

To coincide with the FTEVirtualExpo, we’ve put together a white paper with seven predictions on the future of travel.  They are:
1 – The world will split into two separate travel hemispheres
2 – Health and wellness in travel are with us long term
3 – There will be a disconnect between tourist exporting and importing countries
4 – We’ll see the  decline of the super hub and the superjumbo
5 – Business class travel will drop by 50%
6 – Health and sustainability arguments will merge
7 – First class will be replaced by ‘boutique’ travel
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Free whitepaper: Re-Building Aviation Responsibly

UPDATED DECEMBER 2020. COVID-19 testing can’t work in isolation. Recent results indicate it can be 80% effective, but that is still too porous. Testing needs to be combined with other measures to make the system as airtight as possible. Our Testing+ blueprint is feasible. It will allow airlines to fly again. But it is also rigorous because it needs to be.

Learn more about Testing+ here.

Introducing AvCovid Monthly Briefings

Pandemic-proof yourself for the future. Each monthly briefing starts with a ‘deep dive’ into one focus topic, such as COVID-19 testing, sanitisation, policies during the pandemic, consumer confidence, dealing with vaccines and the post-pandemic landscape. We have a limited number of spaces, so register now!


Testing+: How can testing kickstart aviation and reopen borders?

Based on our AvMonthly Briefings, this report explains how Covid-19 testing can be the centrepiece of a travel restart programme.  But not alone. Our recommendation for closing the gap from 90% to <95% is to implement Testing+. Download the full report to learn about the conditions.


The Rise of Touchless Travel

The Rise of Touchless Travel” shows what touchless travel will look like, detailing 29 areas of the passenger experience that are set to change. The report is powered by an innovator in touchless technologies, Elenium Automation.

The Rise of Sanitised Travel, Sanitised Travel, Infographic, SimpliFlying, The Age of Sanitised Travel

The Rise of Sanitised Travel

“The Rise of Sanitised Travel” details over 70 different areas in the passenger journey that are expected to either change or to be introduced from scratch, to restore confidence in flying after COVID-19. Featured in 200+ media outlets across the globe.

Guide on Airline Brand Reputation Management

Strategic guide on airline crisis communications and marketing for maintaining a positive reputation through the COVID-19 crisis.

recommendations for airlines covid-19 crisis

Best practices for airline leaders during COVID-19

Sharing the best practices for airline C-level executives on how airlines can shine when the spotlight is on them during this unfortunate pandemic.

ebook CEO as the face of the airline, COVID-19

eBook: CEO as the face of the airline

The eBook of remarkable CEOs shows examples of how some of the top airline executives, from WestJet to Austrian airlines among others, are leading from the front. Learn what airline leaders should do when it comes to communicating with their people and the rest of the stakeholders during the coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 guide for Chief Cancellation Officers

This guide advises airline CCOs on what commercial decisions they need to make, including how to process cancellations, manage (low) capacity, and motivate teams.

recommendations for airlines covid-19 crisis

Digital response guide for airlines through COVID-19

From setting a clear focus to assessing digital risks and building capabilities, this guide compiles the key recommendations by our Digital Airline Task Force in 3 easy steps.

recommendations for airlines covid-19 crisis

Key advice on how to best respond to COVID-19

Following the three phases of a crisis – Respond, Recover, Thrive – we have summarized the key recommendations by our Airline Task Force in 3 easy steps.


Become a certified Airline Marketing Professional

Working with an airline marketing team can be a challenging experience. To the untrained eye, unfamiliar with aviation communication, many things can go unnoticed and lead to trouble along the road. Based on SimpliFlying’s Connected Traveller Lifecycle, our Airline Marketing Fundamentals course will help you understand how things work behind the scenes.

Join the world’s first aviation accelerator designed explicitly for post-COVID-19 travel

Do you believe your technology can help kickstart travel? SimpliFlying Launchpad will coach you about aviation, help you build a trusted brand and connect you to decision-makers in aviation.

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