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Powering technologies that kickstart travel.

Do you believe your technology can help kickstart travel?

SimpliFlying Launchpad will coach you about aviation, help you build a trusted brand and connect you to decision-makers in aviation.

We curate the most in-demand technologies for aviation.

  • Ongoing: Applications

    Upon registration for any open topic, applicants are invited to join SimpliFlying Marketplace to showcase their solutions without having to wait for Demo days.

  • Week 1: Shortlisting

    Two weeks before Demo day, the most promising teams will be invited for an internal pitch session with the SimpliFlying team to learn more about the technology.

  • Week 2: Pre-Demo Day with Mentors

    Only 6-8 top technologies will be invited to proceed and present to our experienced and trusted advisers who will provide additional feedback.

  • Week 3: Demo day

    The best curated startups will have a chance to pitch in a virtual Demo day that is attended by interested pilot partners, aviation executives and investors.

  • Week 4: Lift-off!

    The ultimate goal of SimpliFlying Launchpad is to connect aviation executives with technologies to kickstart travel as soon as possible. Are you ready?

Don’t want to wait for new topics announcements? Then submit your innovative solution now and we will get in touch with you once we have a new cohort announced.

Open topics for upcoming Demo days.

30+ industry partners ready to pilot.

At such critical times, it is crucial that we work collaboratively to find solutions both for the short term and the longer term. SimpliFlying Launchpad will be a platform for concerted efforts.

Akira Mitsumasu
VP Global Marketing, Japan Airlines

Top-class mentors to help you navigate through aviation.

Maurice Jenkins, IAP, C.M.

Director Information Systems and Telecommunications, Miami-Dade County Aviation Department

Akira Mitsumasu

VP Global Marketing, Japan Airlines

Dean Donovan

Founder and Director, Volaris

Eash Sundaram

Chief Digital & Technology Officer, jetBlue

Jim Peters

Former CTO, SITA

Norm Rose

President and Founder, Travel Tech Consulting

Todd Bartos

General Counsel, Aspire Ventures

Vimal Kumar Rai

Managing Director, TRACE Consulting

Some things you may want to know.

Which topics are open now?

Please scroll up to the section for open topics here. They have been carefully selected by our mentors and corporate partners so we have listed only the most demanded technologies for this moment. If your focus area is not listed, please send us an email and we will have a look at it. Meanwhile, keep an eye on our announcements as we update our upcoming Demo day topics.

Which companies should apply?

Because of the fast nature of the Launchpad, we are looking for technologies that are ready to deploy:

– Previously tested technologies that can be deployed in the aviation environment;
– Compliant with aviation, healthcare and government regulations;
– Piloted but not yet scaled.

They also should be focused specifically on making travel more convenient, safer and cleaner:
– With a minimum increase in overall travel time for the passengers;
– With the least cost impact on travel;
– With the maximum impact on raising the level of sanitation at airlines and airports permanently;
– Ideally, can run in the background or be implemented as a white label.

You can submit your startup for any open topic in one of the two tracks:

– Passenger Assurance: Technologies impact passengers on the day of travel. Ideally B2B startups (e.g., white label).
– Workforce Resilience: Technologies that reduce the number of people required at the airport or aircraft and keep those who work at the airport safer.

Can I join Launchpad if my company is not a startup?

Definitely. If you are developing a solution that can be applicable for aviation post-COVID-19, you can submit just the solution for consideration. If you are selected, the agreements will be ring-fenced to only include that solution and not the larger company.

Do I have to pay to participate in SimpliFlying Launchpad?

Short answer – no, we do not ask startups nor partners/mentors to pay for participating in the program. The way our program works is based on success fees.

In exchange for coaching, promoting your technology and providing direct introductions to industry decision-makers, the SimpliFlying Launchpad would take up to 10% of any aviation-related deals we will have helped you land in the future. We value trust and transparency over everything–hope you do too. You can read the terms and conditions here.

What are the benefits for participants?

We want to catalyse ready-to-deploy technologies and startups by mentoring, connecting and refining their business roadmaps. Here’s what you get:

1: Growth community
– 100% digital and remote
– Connect with other startups through a dedicated Slack group
– Showcase your solutions on SimpliFlying Marketplace

2: Mentorship
– Top-class mentors to answer your concerns
– Pitch refinement for aviation and coaching to prepare for Demo day
– Industry introductions
– Learn with SimpliFlying Global Institute

3: Recognition
– Publicity and marketing push
– Opportunity to pitch in front of industry decision-makers
– Direct feedback from industry leaders and advisors

4: Commercial pilot testing
– Obtain real data and insights
– Feedback on how to better develop the solution
– Commercial agreement if pilot successful

5: It’s risk-free – No equity required!

How SimpliFlying Launchpad works?

It all starts with submitting your startup via this application form for your topic of relevance. Together with the application confirmation, you will be invited to join the SimpliFlying Marketplace free of charge. By registering your startup, you are already one step closer to connecting with aviation brands.

Around 14 days prior to the Demo day of your topic, we will be shortlisting startups and sharing the results with you. In case you are not selected, you may still continue participating in the Marketplace for free as long as you wish. 

In case your startup gets selected, first, you will be invited to pitch internally to the SimpliFlying team. We will do the first review and recommend next steps based on your specific needs (think in the lines of coaching, finding mentors and diving deeper into aviation).

Days before the Demo day, we will invite one of our mentors and do a live run of all pitches. Same as on the Demo day, you will have 5 minutes for the pitch and 10 minutes for receiving feedback and answering questions. We will also ask you to prepare a one-pager of your solution/pitch to send in advance to the Demo day participants.

After the Demo day, we will help Demo day participants to exchange contacts and facilitate conversations as needed. If you have more questions, please contact us.

How does the marketplace work?

Upon applying for the launchpad, all candidates will receive an invitation to join a private peer-to-peer marketplace where startups can list their products allowing aviation executives to find the best solutions, without having to conduct rigorous research on their own. Any member may also publish requests for specific solutions that other marketplace participants can apply for. Because of the typically long sales cycles, it is up to each marketplace member to choose to handle transactions via this platform.
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