Kickstart Travel with Testing+

Before the end of 2020, airlines and airports must set up testing facilities to restart travel, so borders reopen. Our Rapid Response Team is here to design your COVID-19 testing strategy in four weeks. 

Why Testing+?

The aviation industry is starting to push for COVID-19 testing as an alternative to quarantine. At SimpliFlying, we are advocating that it adopts “Testing +”.

We believe that by doing so, the success rate of stopping COVID-positive passengers from flying can be increased from 90% to 95%+.

How Testing+ works

Testing+ is an 8-stage framework with testing being the centre-piece of entry regimes, complemented by other measures

  1. Require Pre-travel authorizations and risk assessments
  2. Test everyone on departure
  3. Narrow the testing window from 72 hours to 24 hours before departure
  4. Make testing less intrusive, more accessible and less expensive
  5. Test selectively on arrival for high-risk arrivals
  6. Introduce biosafety measures
  7. Track and trace
  8. Have a common set of standards and an approved set of test providers across the industry

Simpliflying’s “Testing+” proposal is one of the most comprehensive approaches we’ve seen proposed so far.

Ready to take airplanes back where they belong – in the air?

In the last 12 years, we have built brands that travellers trust, all over the world. Now our Rapid Response Team is here to design your COVID-19 testing strategy in four weeks.

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