By Shashank Nigam

Twitter has a huge aviation community – from airlines and airports, to cabin crew and aviation enthusiasts. Whether you like to fly a plane or just watch planes fly, there are lots of aviation geeks on Twitter with whom you can converse about your passions or just listen.

Many of these (very interesting) Tweeps are tapping into Twitter’s real-time network to offer up travel tips, airline recommendations (or warnings), and an inside look at life in the cockpit (or cabin). Personally, I have made some amazingly talented new friends on Twitter, whom I wouldn’t have known otherwise, from Melbourne to Muscat.

This list has 11 great aviation geeks to follow on Twitter, however please feel free to suggest others in the comments (or if you tweet on things that fly, leave your own Twitter info – for individuals only, not companies). These are in no particular order.

And you can certainly start with this list if you’re looking to follow my 11 suggested steps to lead the social media strategy for your airline!

Of course, if you aren’t following us on Twitter yet, we’re @simpliflying.

11 airline Journalists/Bloggers to follow on Twitter

AvWeekBenet : One of the aviation journalism “legends” of our times, Benet Wilson has some amazing knowledge about the industry and always a pleasure to Tweet with. Everyone who’s anyone in aviation has probably been interviewed by Benet at some point of his or her career.  Benet currently writes on Business Aviation for Aviation Week and she’s one of my personal favorites.

flyingwithfish : Steve Frischling is an ace photographer turned travel guru. His advice on how to pack light, or travel safe is invaluable. I personally love the travel iPhone App reviews he does at his blog, Flying with Fish. His tweets are a perfect blend of photo tips, travel tips and views on airlines. Some Twitter services tell me that I @reply to him the most!

danwebbage : Dan Webb is a wonderkid, who’s quite an aviation freak. Still a college student, he does an outstanding job blogging passionately about the industry over at Things in the Sky blog. He’s also the co-host of the Airplane Geeks Podcast. Always full of his unique personal insights on Twitter.

roncallari : Ron Callari has a ton of experience working in the travel industry. He blogs at InventorSpot and works with travel and hospitality companies around the world. His over 4,000 followers on Twitter sure like his Tweets. Be sure to check out ‘United Breaks Guitars’ Viral Video Gets Counterpunched!

aschonland : Addison Schonland hosts the very popular IAG Podcasts. He’s one of the most forward-thinking Gen X persons I’ve known, and is always brimming with great ideas about the next big thing in aviation. Always a pleasure to Tweet with. For some inspiration, just listen in.

BLRAviation : No one knows Indian aviation better than Devesh Aggarwal. Once a million-miler with Singapore Airlines, he’s now based out of Bangalore and runs the Bangalore Aviation blog. His insights and statistics on Indian aviation are a revelation on Twitter. He also knows the best kebab places in Bangalore (and has taken me there too!)

RunwayGirl : Mary Kirby adds the oomph factor to aviation geeks on Twitter! No one knows in-flight entertainment and equipment better than her. She gives us the ins and outs of what’s in the plane, from wifi to the IFE. She writes for  Flight International at RunwayGirl.

crankyflier : The self-acclaimed “airline dork”, Brett Snyder is probably one of the most famous aviation bloggers, having worked in a travel agency when we was a teenager and been totally “into” airlines ever since! His insights on his CrankyFlier blog and on Twitter are daring, straight-forward and always make you stop and think. Very intriguing perspectives.

jetwhine : Rob Mark is very experienced in the industry, and authors the award-winning JetWhine blog. He’s also the co-host of the Airplane Geeks Podcast.

MiddleSeat : Scott McCartney writes The Wall Street Journal’s “Middle Seat” column and is the author of the new book “The Wall Street Journal Guide to Power Travel: How to Arrive with Your Dignity, Sanity, and Wallet Intact.” He’s got very refreshing perspectives on the latest happenings in aviation, and if you can’t keep up with his column, do read his Tweets.

flightblogger : How can this list be complete without mentioning probably the only Boeing outsider who often knows more than the insiders! Jon Ostrower is the FlightBlogger and tweets about the latest Boeing updates. Even the employees read his blog and Tweets to keep up to date with the latest developments in the company!

Feel free to add your favorite aviation Tweeters on this list, ans share this resource with your friends!

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  • malcolmcox


    I will take your kind invitation, I would welcome any and all feedback from others on the content of the our blog-site, as a practicing airworthiness signatory I am aiming to educate those who present their aircraft for an ARC, either a small commercial operator or a privateer. For GA in Europe this is a new obligation and private operators are having some teething problems.

    As a someone who is still very new to this whole aspect of business, be gentle!


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  • oussama

    Shashank, you are far too modest I would add @simpliflying

  • wanderlust13

    You should add @TodayintheSky written by USA TODAY's nationally known aviation blogger, Ben Mutzabaugh. He does an awesome job of covering and tweeting the latest airline industry news (check out

  • donnadeau

    I like the list, but please add yourself– @simpliflying Also, @flygirl737700 (“Probably the only major airline pilot with an M.A. in Byzantine art”) who communicates the joy of the profession.

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  • AirlineIndustryReviw

    My article Who's Who in Aviation – Aviation Tweeters You Should Follow :

  • AirlineIndustryReviw

    My article Who's Who in Aviation – Aviation Tweeters You Should Follow :

  • kencannon

    I would add Rick Seaney to the list, the CEO of @rickseaney

    You can also watch deals out of your local airports, by watching @flyfromXXX enter your three digit airport code. For Dallas, I watch @flyfromDFW

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  • Professor John

    There is no question that Professor Sabena’s blog deserves to be among the top 10. Go to:

  • tommyrex

    One of my favorite airline/aviation blogs is inFLIGHTout. It's got a very slight regional focus on SFO bay area airports, but it's certainly relevant to entire country. Lots of newsworthy press releases, mistake fare opportunities, as well as key insight from the author himself. Two thumbs up!

  • whichbudget

    I deffinitely agree with you on the choice of tweeps. Have been following them (and yourself) for months.

    I think aviation is a fascinating subject to follow and not a day goes by without something happening (only just yesterday, Slovakian budget airline SkyEurope went under).

    At @WhichBudget (, we tweet about airlines, interesting travel-related stories, online marketing and we try to keep it human by inserting a personal note here-and-there. Would be presumptuous to say we are one of the best airline/aviation bloggers, but we hope you enjoy reading us anyways.

  • Airlinologist

    The list contains some distinguished names (in no particular order) in the airline/ aviation blogging despite the fact that the list might be mistakenly interpreted as public relations advertorial.
    It has been said that websites are promoted by blogs, and blogs are promoted through micro-blogging (Twitter). However, the article shows that blogging could be used to promote the Twitter’s micro-blogging channel.
    Well, social media is a continuous interaction back and forth using all available channels.

  • Paul Tocknell

    Great list of aviation bloggers that I've been following for a while with a couple of new ones I'll be sure to add. Thanks for putting this together.

  • http://Website Kristine

    Love the list. For another fascinating perspective, check out the viewpoint of pilot/attorney/blogger Mike Danko at .

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  • Mark Cupitt

    Great list of Aviation Tweeters. Have followed all of them. Thanks for the effort in putting it together.

    The Linked in Aviation Professionals Group also has a Twitter Account @aviationpros not very active right now, but will improve over time.

  • Mark Cupitt
  • Paul Tocknell

    Great list, thanks for putting that together.

  • Mark Cupitt

    This group has a twitter account


    Not very active at the moment, though.

  • Roman

    Hey I didn’t find my twitter!! One day I’ll be in your favourites!! ;
    I thought that my last article could be interesting for you; I tried to do an overview of low cost e-reputation

  • saim123

    the best airline is singapore airlines

  • mick_a

    You have forgotten about the 40,000 hours, 12 jet types, 16 turbine types and 600 published articles from the boys at @flightorg (or don't you include Asia Pacific?). I've interviewed them a few times now and they're almost certainly at the top of my list.

  • itjobs1

    Great list of aviation b loggers that I've been following for a while with a couple of new ones I'll be sure to add.

  • staffing321

    Thanks for this website. i will check it soon thank you.

  • charlesbrooks

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  • Dual Sim Phones

    nice post

  • Buyers Advocates Melbourne

    I'm already following some of these guys, they sure are a lot of help.

    • Shashank Nigam


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