Sustainable Aviation Fuels Powerlist 2023


Powerlist 2023

SAF Powerlist 2023

Our Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) powerlist illustrates the 100 top producers, highlights the 5 key pathways to production, and features 10 major producers to watch out for.

Stay On Top of the Latest Developments in the SAF Industry

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SAF Powerlist 2023

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is increasingly seen as the aviation industry’s greatest hope for reducing its carbon footprint. Our comprehensive powerlist on the SAF industry is indispensable for decision makers as well as those keen to stay abreast of the newest pathways and innovators in the industry.

Produced in partnership with Sustainable Aviation Futures North America Congress, our report:

  • Shines the spotlight on five transformative pathways: Fat-to-Fuel, Waste-to-Fuel, Air-to-Fuel, Crop-to-Fuel, and Sun-to-Fuel.

  • Features 100 companies trailblazing the industry across these five pathways.

  • These companies are presented in two easy-to-follow formats: a) as a directory with key company details and b) as a highly shareable SAF Market Map.

  • Profiles 10 major producers to watch out for.

  • Contains a comprehensive appendix on everything you wanted to know about SAF.


Do you know the various SAF production pathways?


Focuses on the conversion of waste oils and fats into jet fuel through hydroprocessing. Key players include Neste, World Energy and Shell Aviation.


Uses technologies like gasification and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis to transform municipal solid waste and agricultural residues into jet fuel. Key players include Fulcrum BioEnergy, Alder Renewables and Velocys.


This pathway leverages direct air capture to extract atmospheric CO2, combining it with H2 to create synthetic jet fuel. Major producers include Air Company, Twelve and Carbon Engineering.


Involves transforming non-food crops or even sugar crops into jet fuel. Key producers include Gevo, Nuseed and Agrisoma Biosciences.


Harness concentrated solar energy to power thermochemical reactions that convert water and CO2 into synthetic gas, and ultimately, liquid fuel. Key players include Circulairity and Synhelion.


Sustainable Aviation Fuels Powerlist 2023

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