Exclusive Video: Bombardier CSeries cabin tour – a glimpse into the future of flying

The Bombardier CSeries aircraft is probably the only thing that both Airbus and Boeing agree about – that it’s a real threat to their hold on the narrow-body jet market. Due to enter service in 2013, the CSeries will be the first new aircraft to be built since the Boeing 787, and will be flown by the likes of Swiss International Airlines and Republic Airways.

Probably because it’s the largest jet being built by Bombardier, which is well known for regional aircrafts like the Q400, there are lots of innovations both inside and outside the cabin. I was privileged to be led on a cabin tour of the aircraft mock-up at Bombardier HQ in Montreal, followed by an in-depth tour of the aircraft’s aeronautical capabilities, by Sam Cherry – a Director at Bombardier who knows the product inside-out. And for the first time one the web, SimpliFlying has videos of what would exclusively be shown to airlines when they’re making a purchase decision.

The following video is of the CSeries cabin tour, which highlights the key game-changing features in passenger comfort being introduced in the aircraft. A second video, which goes in depth about the aircraft’s operational details, is also available for serious aviation buffs.

Here are three key factors that I feel make the Bombardier cabin a game-changer when it comes to the passenger experience, and will help airlines build a competitive advantage.

The middle-seat syndrome would be history

Remember the Kevin Smith incident? Where he was booted off a Southwest Airlines plane for not being able to fit in the seat? Well, such instances might be history when the CSeries aircraft enters service. Due to its unique 5-abreast seating [2:30], two things happen.

  1. There are fewer middle seats. Only 20% of the seats are middle-seats, as you’ll see in the video
  2. The middle seats are actually wider [19″] and more comfortable than the rest of the seats

This brings me to a couple of interesting realizations. Since even good airlines run at around 80% load factor, that means most of the time, everyone in the plane will have an aisle or a window seat. Moreover, since the middle seat is wider, it might lead to some low cost carriers (Spirit?) to charge for the “privilege” of being seated in the wider middle-seat [4:00].

Better out-flight entertainment thanks to larger and more windows

The CSeries has 30% more windows than the normal narrow-body jet, which are 20% larger as well, bringing in a lot of light into the cabin and making it feel more spacious [5:18]. Moreover, the windows are intentionally positioned at the head level [4:50], giving a great view of the outside. The inside-out design [6:07] also makes the space at the shoulder level much greater [5:38]

Save on bag fees with larger baggage bins

We all know that most airlines now charge for checking-in bags. But the CSeries comes with overhead bins in the cabin so large that not only they can take more of our smaller standard cabin bags, but larger bags up to 23″. This will eliminate the need for many passengers to check-in bags, and save on fees as well [6:41].

I personally can’t wait to fly the CSeries and embrace the future of flying. What about you?

P.S: Special thanks to Bert Cruickshank and Genevieve Laverdure from Bombardier Commercial for arranging this exclusive visit for SimpliFlying.

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Shashank Nigam

Shashank Nigam

Shashank Nigam is the CEO of SimpliFlying and a globally sought-after consultant, speaker and thought-leader on airline branding and customer engagement strategy. He is also the youngest winner of the Global Brand Leadership Award and has addressed senior aviation executives globally, from Chile to Canada and from Sydney to San Francisco. Shashank's perspectives have found their way into major media outlets, including CNN Travel, CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg UTV, Mashable and in leading publications like Airline Business, ATW, Aviation Week, and others. Shashank studied Information Systems Management and Business Management at Singapore Management University and Carnegie Mellon University. Hailing from India, he splits his time between Singapore and Vancouver, among other cities.
Shashank Nigam
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  • airceo

    Very nice video Shashank! I think that the offset doors are a stroke of GENIUS. Nothing worse than getting onto a plane in winter in Canada only to be met with a biting cold wind from the service door.

  • Jet Charter Travel

    Very sweet video, I'd love to travel around with my entourage on that beautiful jet.

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