SimpliFlying in The Media: FinanceAsia, USA Today and Aviation Security International

What will the new United Airlines be like?

11 May’10 || USA Today

… “There are two key areas of concern: product delivery and service delivery,” says marketing consultant Shashank Nigam, CEO of “They are two different things: One has to do with the seats and cabins and how all the amenities are packaged. The other has to do with how the airline’s people greet and handle and serve passengers. Continental and United do those things very differently from one another today.”… read more

Continental-United combo becomes largest US airline in Asia

4 May’10 || Finance Asia

In the least surprising announcement to come out of the US commercial aviation industry this year, Houston-based Continental Airlines and Chicago-based United Airlines yesterday said they will merge, forming the largest airline in the world and the biggest US-based air carrier operating to Asia… read more

The battle for Southeast Asia skies

18 Apr’10 || Finance Asia

…“Differentiation in Asian markets is key, because prices are almost always the same for the [low-cost carriers] on most routes, unless they have a monopoly,” said Shashank Nigam, airline marketing and branding strategist and chief executive of airline blog Simpliflying. “Ultimately, brand differentiation matters. And, if the ticket prices only differ by $10, then I’d have a preference for the brand I have fond memories of.”…

Uniforms: Creating the right impression

Apr’10 || Aviation Security International

…Respected airline branding expert and the CEO of global aviation consultancy SimpliFlying, Shashank Nigam, agrees, “First impressions count, and nothing communicates the brand or authority in an instance more than a uniform. If the flight attendant is dressed in bright yellow, like Jet Airways, you feel fresh. If the TSA officer is in deep blue, you feel a sense of authority. And this first impression goes a long way in garnering respect, patience and the type of behaviour expected.”… read more

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