By Marco Serusi

Crises in the Air Transport industry come in many shapes and forms but they usually have three things in common: 1) no prior notice or warning signs, 2) the need to inform large numbers of people in a very short time and 3) a large number of (increasingly digital) angry/distressed people.

However, regardless of whether the crisis is something the airline did to itself , an uncontrollable natural phenomenon or a strike, there is always a need to reach large numbers of people as quickly as possible, providing information, answering their questions and avoiding the spread of false rumors.

In today’s increasingly connected world, social media has proven to be the crisis management tool, and has been used successfully by both airlines and airports in a wide range of scenarios. The reason for its effectiveness is based on two factors: the first is that it allows the kind of mass communication and information dissemination that we mentioned earlier, and the second is that they are the place where an increasing percentage of users go to complain and seek information.

At SimpliFlying we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience consulting in social-media based crisis management strategies for both airlines and airports and, as our readers will know, we have even dedicated a section of our website to this subject and created an infographic for easy reference.  Today we’ve collected the best case studies on crisis management in one case-pack. Enjoy!


Planning is crucial to managing crises. Does your airline or airport team need a primer in handling crises via social media? We can help! Write to us at

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  • Christian Lüdi

    Very nice presentation, thanks a lot. I just miss one best practice case: Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air when they had a huge computer crash. One very nice point in their crisis communication was a YouTube video with the two CEOs where they explained the crash and why nothing is working now and said sorry for the troubles caused.
    Best regards from Zurich,

  • Marco Serusi

    Hi Christian, thanks for the tip :)

    Unfortunately because we can only feature 10 case studies we had to be very selective and this was one of several case studies that we had included in our initial shortlist but were not chosen for the final top 10.

    I’m glad you enjoyed our top 10

  • Srinivas Rao

    Hi Marco,

    Excellent post on how airlines need to handle their communication and crisis communication in particular and move on with the latest technology and social media to get the message across effectively and in quickly.
    Very apt for the industry in how they handle their communication


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