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Finalists announced from almost 50 nominations!

After 2 weeks and close to 50 excellent nominations, we are extremely excited to unveil the finalists for the following categories.

  • Best Airline on Social Media
  • Best Airport on Social Media
  • Best Emerging Airline/ Airport on Social Media

In fact, the nominations submitted were of such high quality, we are shortlisting 8 finalists for the category of Best Airline on Social Media! The list of finalists for the above three categories can be viewed in the polls found at the end of this announcement.

Please note that ‘Best Social Media Solution Provider for Travel’ is not open for voting and will be solely scored by the judging panel. The final nominees will be announced next week.

simpliflying social media awards finalists

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Next Steps

  • Voting (at bottom of this announcement) is open from now till Oct 6. Voting will make up 50% of the final score. Note that votes will not be counted in their absolute numbers but as percentages of the online fan-base to level the playing field (with the exception of the Emerging category, where absolute votes will be counted).
  • Finalists are also required to submit a presentation pitch, between now and Sep 29. The judges will be scoring the presentation pitch and conducting a 30-minute interview with each finalist (if required) between Sep 30 and Oct 4. This will make up 50% of the final score. Please send your pitches to
  • Please note that in cases where there is a huge discrepancy between votes and judges’ scores, the judges have the power to overturn the mandate of the votes.
  • The final Top 3 from each category will be announced about one month before the awards ceremony.

Vote now!


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  • Jose Quintero

    An Active Airline on Social Media creates a degree of confidence between the Customers and The Company.

    Simplifying is on the Game! I would encourage everyone to vote.

    Waiting for results..

    • Shashank Nigam

      Thanks Jose! May the best airline win this year…

  • MidlifeRoadTrip

    I recently left my iPad on a flight where I was connecting through Miami. For 4 days with multiple phone calls & emails and getting the run around from the airline like nothing I had ever experienced, no one could locate it, even though it had been turned in to the airline’s lost and found immediately. As a last ditch effort, I sent a tweet to the Miami Airport: In 20 minutes time, they had my iPad in hand and were sending it back to me. I was both grateful for their quick response and impressed for their wonderful customer service! I am thrilled that they have been nominated for an award and I couldn’t be happier for them! Much deserved recognition!

  • Carmen Ortíz Orantes

    muchas felicidades! Una Super Aerolínea, buen servicio y sobre todo los mejores precios!

  • Louis




  • Iflymia

    We thank our customers for supporting us as we launched our social platforms. We have learned so much from you! And, thanks so much to our amazing social media team.

  • agus aras

    flying me

  • Sinan

    Turkish Airlines Number One..!

  • Suleyman

    we are turkish airlines !! we are globally yours ! ;))

  • ahmet

    Turkish Airlines Number One..!

    • wolffhuiz

      In accident your are right.
      In service the last one and in flying, Oh no, in dropping out of the sky yes, number one

  • çiğdem

    Turkish Airlines

  • onur kaan

    TÜRK Hava Yolları

  • Ahmet Kara

    Turkish Airlines <3

  • Anıl Aktaş

    Tek takibiniz Turk Hava Yolları.. :)

  • Gerardo Garcia

    American Airlines the best service in my opinion.

  • Nikhil

    Where was Qatar and Cathay Pacific Mentioned ?? I think those are one of the finest airlines.

  • Ravshan

    Turkish Airlines is the best Airline in the world!!!

  • Airwaysfoodie

    I just managed to vote 2 times… That’s not gonna assure an honest result. I’m sure the TK fan posse below has discovered this already as well…

  • agus aras

    flying me

  • Shannon Maureen Hollingworth

    It would be my dream come true to win a flight somewhere

  • racquel sarmiento

    I need to unwine.flying me.;-)

  • nervia travel

    hello from italy…
    nervia travel

  • Fidd Wann

    Emirates rocks…i know turkish is also good,heard a lot of good things about them..but i love emirates..enjoyed flying with them.

  • Ad Suryana

    Airasia ;)

  • Hafiz Aja Deh

    AirAsia… as the best of South East Asia….

  • cepy hafiz

    AirAsia bro….

  • Waraporn Trakarnthanasakul

    air asia

  • Peter Pieplenbosch

    Amsterdam Schiphol airport is the best of the world !

  • maricar

    Air asia!!

  • Sokvireak So

    Air Asia :)

  • KhAiRuLnAzIm

    Air Asia :)

  • Anna Nurdiana

    really really can make everyone fly, that’s AIR ASIA

  • Bayu AP

    I Love Air Asia…

  • Herma W. Andela


  • Fevzi Yalçın

    The best, the business, the mostly Turkish AIRLINES.

    • wolffhuiz

      Why your people fly other airlines?

  • Raoul Stasse

    KLM by far! If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much.

  • Ihab Karanouh

    Turkish airlines is the best.

    • wolffhuiz

      in accidents yes, you are right, in flying no, you are wrong

  • Ihab Karanouh

    turkish airline, globally your

  • Kim

    Airline: KLM and airport: Schiphol!



  • Shawn

    Air Asia offers the most competitive and affordable fares amongst all airlines in the world; Air Asia is a GIANT in the eye’s of world’s aviation and make dreams come true! No comparison! Air Asia wins by a country mile! Syabas, AIR ASIA…YOU DESERVE ALL THE ACCOLADES!!!

  • Mary ann

    It’s QATAR AIRWAYS the 7 STAR airline!!!

  • rankody

    Qatar airways is the best in the world

  • Raoull

    very amazing SCHIPHOL AIRPORT – AMSTERDAM….. such a great big airport for such a small country. –

    • GlobalRapt0r

      u just faked the results dutch boy disqualified id say

  • pradeep shrotriya

    airasia has made the world to easy.

  • pradeep shrotriya

    Air asia has made the world too easy.

  • ajumma63

    Air Asia

  • James

    Air Asia is a piece of crap airlines… !!
    Me and MANY of my friends are seriously upset with them – big time !!

  • pravit

    Be careful,don’t purchase travel insurance with Thai air asia,irresponsible because I still not get damaged baggage claims from last 6 months
    When bought,bought and paid to air asia but to claims,must claim direct with insurance company,no any help from staff.
    Is This 5 years No.1 Low Cost Airline’s service?

  • Wim Dobbelsteen

    Het ziet er heel mooi en netjes en s van schoon uit. Personeel is altijd vriendelijk. Gewoon top.

  • Keith Whitbeck

    While MIA has endured extensive remodeling and expansion, it is still a magnificent well managed facility. All employees queried respond with a “Can Do” attitude. Really a welcome destination in a sea of competition. Can’t wait for the whole center of MIA to be remodeled. MIA also is the proud host to a newly remodeled Military Hospitality Lounge, providing free access to all military personnel. This is located in a pre security area at Concourse E, Second Level. Thank you MIA for all you do for travelling military personnel and their families. They are appreciative and grateful for this privilege.

  • Femy Nento

    I love AirAsia

  • GlobalRapt0r

    Heyy guys,it is just me, or does it look like the Dutch people were cheating ? They are top in votings, which doesnt fit to them ? Amsterdam is good for doing a h0m0 marriage, thats all about it

  • EreidG

    Just to bring some wind on my sails. There should also be an award for the fastest growing or best startups in the travel industry. Let’s take (for the European market) for instance.

  • jaklin hammam
  • nedved1000
  • شركة فرسان الخليج

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