SimpliFlying in The News – August 2013: Aviation Marketing Insights in NTV Kenya, Airport World, FTE and more!

“The exchange between leading figures in airport marketing will shed light latest trends and innovations, by hearing about the success of airport marketing, directly from the airport — combined with SimpliFlying’s own leading opinions, that continue to question, inspire and reinvent global airport brands.”


SimpliFlying is partnering with Airport World to put together in the bi-monthly magazine, a regular column titled Airport Marketing Exchange. This month, the first article takes a look at the 7 key trends that describes the current of airport marketing. In alternate issues, such as the upcoming October/ November issue, we will be featuring a Q&A exchange (as described above) between David McMullen, VP for Airports, SimpliFlying and a high-level guest executive from an airport organisation, to delve further into the challenges and state-of-play of airport marketing today.

In the mean time, SimpliFlying continues to push for innovative airline marketing and crisis management in the world of connected travellers. Marco Serusi, Marketing Consultant, SimpliFlying was invited to share live on Kenyan national television, NTV’s The Trend show, his expert views on the #JKIA Nairobi airport fire. His article on Top 10 Airlines on Instagram also went on to be featured in Tnooz. At the same, SimpliFlying won special mentions in Future Travel Experience among several media.

Please enjoy the following articles where SimpliFlying’s Aviation Marketing Insights have been featured this month.



Airport Marketing Exchange: Thinking Differently
Airport World | August/ September Issue

A new regular column by SimpliFlying, the Airport Marketing Exchange will elucidate key issues and address how airports can plan their marketing and communications strategy to affect and measure results. Drawing from consulting experience of having worked with over 30 airports and airlines, and internal research studies conducted with hundreds of airports, this column will identify and confront the key challenges faced in airport marketing, sharing SimpliFlying’s expert opinion on how issues should be steered and factored into future strategy… Read more


#theTrend: Witnesses and analysts deconstruct JKIA fire
NTV | 9 August 2013

View original video here

10 best airline uses of Instagram
Tnooz | 13 August 2013

… many airlines and hotels have adopted Instagram extensively to engage with users, gain customers, and promote their brands. SimpliFlying, the aviation marketing company, has studied in detail this Instagram usage by airlines and has compiled the ten best campaigns that airlines executed on Instagram… Read more

Increasing onboard ancillary revenues through data, connectivity and a retailing mindset
Future Travel Experience | 15 August 2013

Shashank Nigam, founder of SimpliFlying, believes airlines need to change their approach in order to make money from wi-fi. “Airlines need to think like Starbucks when it comes to making money from connectivity. Rather than making money from selling wi-fi connectivity, airlines will probably make money by partnering with marketers who’d like to reach the captive audience in an airplane,” Nigam told AsianAviation… Read more

Social seating: social networking for travelers
Social Geek | 12 August 2013

In a similar way as do couples by Internet search engines, Social Seating looking affinities linking social profiles among passengers flying alone to meet people with similar interests. The social seating fashion is also a service provided by the company and KLM or by airBaltic (both analyses by SimpliFlying)… Read more

Airlines using social media – SimpliFlying Outlook for 2013
Blue Sky | 1 August 2013

How are airlines using social media? How do they dedicate resources? How do they manager business goals and measure ROI? All of these insights and more are in this videographic… Read more

Airline marketing in all forms/ Le marketing des compagnies aériennes sous toutes ses formes
TourMaG | 1 August 2013 and SimpliFlying published a report on the marketing strategies of airlines in response to changing consumer behaviour. Both agencies extracted eight trends from studying over a hundred innovative airline marketing initiatives… Read more

We, the people/ Nosotros, la gente | 1 August 2013

A few days ago, Asiana airplane had a crash landing in San Francisco. Shortly after, I received an email that impressed me. SimpliFlying, a consulting firm specialises in airline marketing, did an in-depth analysis of how the event transpired across social networks and how badly Asiana reacted during the crisis… Read more


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Li Guen

Li Guen

Head of Communications and Marketing at SimpliFlying
Li Guen heads the communications and marketing functions at SimpliFlying where she drives corporate branding efforts and industry research initiatives. Prior to this, Li Guen was at Weber Shandwick working with clients including Rolls-Royce, Changi Airport Group and P&G. In her free time, Li Guen likes trekking mountains in Asia. You can tweet her at @SimpliGuen or email her at
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