[Event] Where Finnish Airport Expertise Intersects European Aviation Thought-Leadership – Airport Cluster Finland 5th Seminar #acfhelsinki

If there is one event to meet and hear from the heavyweights from Finnish aviation industry, including Helsinki Airport and Finnair C-level executives, this will be the one to attend.

The airport ecosystem is a complex one. Even in tough market conditions, technologies and passengers continue to rapidly evolve. How will the bigger picture look for airports and its partners in 10 years? 

To explore this, SimpliFlying has partnered with Airport Cluster Finland (ACF) in the upcoming  Airport Cluster Finland 5th Annual Seminar & Exhibition (#acfhelsinki) on September 18, 2014 in Finland. This event brings together top industry experts and outstanding speakers at the  – an annual event where Finnish airport expertise intersects European aviation thought-leadership.

Airport Cluster Finland 5th Annual Seminar & Exhibition

The Race between Airports and Passengers in 10 Years

Sep 18, 2014   | Hilton Helsinki Airport, Finland | 9.30 am – 5.30 pm


Key Topics at #acfhelsinki

The Reality of Aviation – What Airports Really Need to Know

Driving efficiencies in today’s tough market conditions is a paramount task but yet a crucial one. Currently, 70% of the airports in the world are loss-making – 43% of European airports. How can airports improve efficiency, evaluate and plan routes better?

What’s In Store for Airports in The Next 10 Years?

Fast-evolving technologies, especially mobile technology, is transforming the landscape of airport services, even airport retail and other non-aeronautical services. What will the bigger picture look like for airports and its partners in 10 years?Among the speakers, hear from Kari Savolainen, CEO of Finavia.

Understanding the Passengers and Bridging The Gap

Today’s connected travellers are increasingly vocal about their airport experiences and their expectations are rising. Who should take the lead on funding, developing and implementing solutions aimed at improving passenger processing and experience – airports, airlines, or both?

Speakers lineup includes:

  • Kari Savolainen, CEO, Finavia
  • Simon McNarama, Director General, European Regions Airline Association
  • Victor Titarev, CEO, Omsk Airport
  • Ville Iho, COO, Finnair
  • David McMullen, VP, SimpliFlying
  • Andy Carlisle, CEO, Leigh Fisher and more!


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