SimpliFlying launches the first ever Lab dedicated to the Americas

Last year, our Airline Marketing Innovation Lab in London brought together marketers from airlines across the world. Apart from unprecedented knowledge exchange, the Lab also threw up a crucial insight — each region offers different marketing challenges for airlines. For example, airlines in Asia face a slew of language issues that airlines in the US don’t. Hence, earlier this year, we launched the first in a series of regional Labs. The first, for Asia, was organised in Singapore in February. Today, we are thrilled to announce our first ever Lab dedicated to the Americas.

The SimpliFlying Airline Marketing Innovations Lab Americas will take place on October 19-20 at the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. It will be co-hosted alongside the 19th Annual North America 2017 Summit by EyeforTravel. Specifically designed for airlines in the North America and Latin America, the Lab promises to be a transformative experience for airline marketing executives and practitioners.


  • Intense peer-to-peer learning. Exclusive only to airlines, each day of the Lab brings together 30 marketers from the top airlines from North and Latin America. It is an intimate gathering where everyone comes with an open mind to learn, connect and grow.
  • No Slides. We believe that humans learn much more by interacting with one another rather than watching someone scroll through a long presentation. Stories inspire. Slides bore.
  • Everyone gets on the stage. We are all peers in the industry and everyone has something to share. That’s why we ensure that every single participant gets on the stage to share his or her experience at some point during the event. Egalitarianism rocks!
  • Intimate exchange of experiences and ideas. Expect free-wheeling exchanges about the biggest challenges and successes as well as debates on the future of airline marketing. Both days feature roundtable and panel discussions on different business-critical trends, including the future of eCommerce and payments, real-time customer service, big data and more. No presentations. Candid conversations only.
  • Hands-on exercises and live experiments with chatbots, crisis simulations, and more! Look at digital airline marketing from a new perspective and learn how smart innovations can help stay ahead of the competition.
  • Learn from experts from around the world. Participate in thought-provoking sessions held by speakers like Dave Carroll of the “United Breaks Guitars” fame and payments innovator, Affirm, among others.



This will be our fifth lab; our previous labs being held in Las Vegas, Singapore, and London. If you plan to join us this year in Las Vegas, below are a couple of tips and feedback from previous airline participants.


“The thing I find most valuable about the lab is the opportunity to talk to my counterparts. The things you’re struggling with or trying to figure out, everybody is too. In terms of airline conferences, this is my favourite by far.” — Dennis Owen, Former Group Social Media Manager at Cathay Pacific

“This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in intimate roundtables, panel discussions, and practical live experiments – helping you gain insights and develop solutions to the most pressing challenges facing airlines today.” — Renu Kannu, the summit director

“Bring your questions, bring your learnings and just bring an open mind. What we got out of today was something I wished we could make last for five days.” – Cassie Roma, Air New Zealand


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