Brand Journeys: Delhi to Singapore on Jet Airways, the “best Indian airline flying international”

Key Flight Facts

Airline: Jet Airways
Travel purpose: Moving to Singapore to begin college studies
Departure from: Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India
Arrival at: Changi International Airport, Singapore
Date of travel: 27 July 2008
Contributor: Shitij Nigam
Flight rating: 8/10

Image courtesy Flickr user Guido Haesevoets

Image courtesy Flickr user Guido Haesevoets


The check-in was process was swift and painless, and partially so because the airport was slightly empty (morning flights not exactly being the craze). The airport staff were also familiar with my Students Pass, something I’d been worried about previously, as to whether or not it would end-up causing unnecessary delays. The Jet Airways staff at the baggage check-in counter was nice enough to ask me about my college and course (and I was nice enough to explain. In detail.)

Airport security

Fast forward to the security rows, where liquids and semi-liquids are banned, due to which I wasn’t allowed to carry in my favorite grape-flavored jam bottle (which had been bubble-wrapped!). I offered to taste it, but the security officers have probably little or no sense of humor. In the end however, my father somehow managed to get them to allow us to continue with it (no bribes though. I know what you are thinking).

Flight boarding

Boarding, however, could have been more pleasant, as the passengers had been reduced to sitting in the transporting bus for some time due to a “technical fault” in the plane, which led to an unceremonious delay. Nevertheless, the flight was only 10-12 minutes late.


Pre-take-off services were good enough and we were readily provided with lime juice once we were seated. Food itself was rather filling (as large Indian spreads tend to be), although the plate was slightly cramped, with the whole menu being served all at once. The walnut brownie was delicious.

Overall, a rather smooth flight, although the flight attendants weren’t readily available whenever passengers needed them, and a nervous flight attendant looked slightly jittery as well. The blankets were warm and I managed a few winks even in a relatively short flight (5.5hrs), although flight attendants seemed to have a knack of disturbing us at the wrong time. I caught a glimpse of some red-blue candy, but alas, it was never served.

Best Indian airline flying international

On the whole, a pretty good experience, much better than expected. Check-In services have greatly improved, considering my last venture some years back, when the person sitting at the immigration counter started pointing out similarities between my father’s and my photographs, which left us slightly disgruntled. But the present is what we’re concerned with, and as far as services are concerned, the delay during boarding couldn’t be helped, but there was a little bit of room for improvement in the flight attendants. Overall, Jet Airways is probably still the best Indian airline to fly international routes. Let’s wait and see what happens when Kingfisher enters the foray.

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  • Shitij

    Oh, oh, oh, and I forgot to mention in the report.
    There was no movie. The system was down.

    Might have been a slightly better experience with THAT eh?

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