Lippincott Senior Partners, on airline branding

Late last year, I had the opportunity to pick the brains of two Senior Partners at Lippincott, New York, on my favorite topic of airline branding. Both Randall Stone and Rodney Abbot bring tons of experience in design and brand creation and had some very interesting views to share about how airlines can tap on the potential of their own brands.

Lippincott is a leading brand strategy and design consultancy, which has worked with airlines globally, including Virgin Atlantic and most recently TACA Airlines. Lippincot helped TACA deliver a “calming trip” to their customers, the moment they stepped aboard the plane. They have also extensively helped Delta Airlines deliver a 360 degree brand experience, both internally and to the external customer. Randall and Rodney share a number of anecdotes in their interview about both these case studies.

Here are some of the key points they make in the interview:

  1. Identifying, and then optimizing key touch-points relating to brand experience (that means inside and outside the plane)
  2. Sensory branding – how all five senses can be involved in creating a holistic brand experience (and how Singapore Airlines did it!)
  3. How design can be infused in brand strategy to allow the airline to take-off, and how Delta did it.

Enjoy the interview!

P.S: Special thanks to Kathleen Hatfield for tirelessly working to make this interview happen (and even flying up from Miami to New York!).

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