Why American Airlines’ personalized email brand campaign has wings?

American Airlines has recently launched a new flash-animated website where visitors can sample their new Business Class and First Class seats and amenities. It’s tastefully done, and similar to the effort by Cathay Pacific last year.

What’s more impressive is how American Airlines has created a highly personalized email brand campaign to get people to this website. Basically, anyone can increase their chances of winning the lucky draw by recommending the website to four friends. You may think that’s like spamming, but the thinking ends there.

What comes to the inbox is a beautifully crafted email that is highly personalized for the recipient. You’d almost want to jump ahead and click the link. The email is concise, humorous and actionable. Of the three key points they mention, only one is a “sell”, and the others are bound to make you laugh, like “You wish you’d rather win that amazing prize instead of Thomas”.

I’ve taken a screenshot of the email here and distilled the key lessons anyone can learn about email marketing. And with all the spam that we get in our inbox these days, such an email is a breath of fresh air. Well done, AA.

American Airines advertisement

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  • Ronald Kuhlmann

    This is a clear case where the brander is at odds with the experience of the masses. A quick visit to Skytrax or any other posting site reveals that the general experience on AA is more likely to disappoint than to delight. Having flown them many times in all classes, I would have to say that no website or clever invitation can dislodge my personal experiences of general indifference and occasional outright rudeness.

    I was traveling AA (domestically) in F recently and was asked what I wanted to drink. My seatmate chose a glass of white wine, and when I said I would have the wine as well, I was curtly informed that most people ask for wine by color (red or white) and that was the accepted way to do it. Miss Personality included herself in that vast group that knew the proper response and acted as though I had insulted her mother and the blessed Virgin and anyone else who might be offended by my careless response.

    No seat picture or flashy ad will ever be able to rectify that still vivid moment. It will only be undone by having a counterbalancing very positive experience. They have yet to deliver on that.

  • Vinay Rajan

    Well I do agree with Roland but, AA had lacked a good website for a longtime. The animation is quite good and would get the heads turning.
    I think its a tool mainly to attract first time business / first class travellers.( or to make them choose over economy).
    If you have travelled once in a B or F you actually know what is the offer and dont care much of the site.
    any thoughts ?

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