Airlines go on a crowdsourcing binge – co-creating their brands with travelers

On SimpliFlying, we’ve spoken about AirTran’s, and more recently about Cathay Pacific’s Art of the Dessert contest, among others. What we see is a trend that shows airlines adopting the technique of brand co-creation, often using social media. Which simply involves the community’s inputs in coming up with new initiatives and rejuvinating current ones.

Here are nine airlines doing it right. Quite inspiring actually!

View more presentations from SimpliFlying.

So, what do you think about these airlines’ efforts? Serious social business, or hot air? Do you know other examples? Let’s discuss in comments, and over on Twitter

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  • Kimberly

    Social media is a very powerful tool for connecting to customers, many establishments will surely exploit its marketing potentials=)

  • Allplane

    I remember a few years back KLM had an aircraft-naming contest…of course at that time social-media was not mainstream…you should also check Finnair's latest initiative on social media, the “quality hunters”,, not crowdsourcing strictly speaking but a nice way to engage with your potential clients…

  • Jayesh Badani

    Our platform can be used to co-create with the customers

    • Shashank Nigam

      I'd love to hear if any airlines are using the platform, or how you feel they can use it…

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