Simpliflying Hero, June 2010: Richard Ziskind of Omni Air International

The Simpliflying Hero for the month of June 2010 is….(drum roll)…Richard Ziskind. Richard is being recognized for his outstanding work at Omni Air International, with the introduction of social media to the organization.

He began his career with Omni Air in 2006, directly into his current position of Senior Director Marketing. Richard says,  “[my] position enables me to create new airline models and strategically implement innovative marketing and airline design for scheduled and non scheduled operations”. A large part of this implementation has been social media, which Richard says is an integral part of business change – keeping flexibility in communication and enhancing the marketing processes.

“Prior to social media, our broad stroke marketing campaigns did not offer the opportunity for us to communicate with our customers”, said Ziskind in his interview with Simpliflying. He says that Omni Air International has benefited greatly from their introduction of social media, lead by his enthusiasm and support.

Claim to Faim – introducing social media at an atypical airline

Richard and Omni Air use social media strategically, given that it doesn’t follow the business model of a typical airline. They begin by analyzing the current market, and building campaigns around target audiences. The organization enhances their social media outlets regularly to keep up with ever-changing trends in the social media world. This is an important part of introducing social media to any organization.

Though the technology and mediums are new, it is essential that companies enhance their usages regularly and through different outlets. The Omni Air International Flight Crew boasts a 2 year old Facebook page with 327 past and present employees who connect and reminisce about their time with the company.

Richard described it best, Omni Air International’s use of social media, in his interview with Simpliflying:

“Social Media has enabled our company to add color and depth to a business canvas that was mostly flat and dull.  We are able to effectively communicate with potential customers and current customers.  In past situations we developed relationships with business segments that would not have been made without the use of the social media platform. Social media has created greater reach for our company”

Richard Ziskind and Omni Air International have really captured the end goal of social media use. It is clear that they will continue to harness social media’s vast uses and will be an organization to watch in coming months.

Congratulations Richard Ziskind for your exceptional work in bringing social media to Omni Air International. You are a Simpliflying Hero! You may download your personalized certificate here.

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