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5 Feb’10 || Reuters || Aviation India || Indian Business News Update

… “It was disappointing, no commercial (aircraft) deals, everything was on MROs (maintenance, repair and overhaul). People even thought last year’s Dubai Airshow was disappointing,” said aviation analyst Shashank Nigam, who writes a blog on the industry… read more


S’pore Airshow 2010 sees US$10b in deals, down 23% from 2008 show

5 Feb’10 || Channel News Asia

… Shashank Nigam, CEO, SimpliFlying, said: “I don’t think we should read too much into the numbers because if you drill it down, there were no new aircraft orders. Most of the deals are coming from MRO maintenance, aerospace and the biggest order was from the Indian military, for missiles… read more


Webbies 2009 – winners and judges comments

5 Feb’10 || FlightGlobal

… The judges said that SimpliFlying had lots of good content. “It has a good, clear focus and the author writes with authority and verve.”… read more


S’pore Airshow garners US$10b in deals as trade show ends

5 Feb’10 || Channel News Asia

… Shashank Nigam, CEO, SimpliFlying, said: “By the end of the year, AirAsia will have a larger fleet than Singapore Airlines. And by 2012, maybe double. So there’s going to be a renewed focus on low cost carriers and how manufacturers can sell to these players rather than just the legacy airlines.”… read more


Singapore Airshow is Hot, And it’s Not Just the Weather

4 Feb’10 || CNBC

By: Shashank Nigam, CEO, It’s searing hot at the Singapore Airshow – combine 34 degree celsius temperatures with 85% humidity and you can start to imagine why my shoe soles started to melt on the tarmac… read more


CNBC Live Interview: Airlines Look to Cargo Business

3 Feb’10 || CNBC

As more airlines turn to the cargo business, Shashank Nigam, founder and CEO of SimpliFlying, highlights the importance of ancillary revenue for the sector, with CNBC’s Martin Soong… read more


CNBC Live Interview: Rebuilding Garuda’s Brand

3 Feb’10 || CNBC

Garuda Indonesia plans to raise up to $300 million in an IPO this year. The carrier’s CEO, Emirsyah Satar, tells guest host, Shashank Nigam of SimpliFlying & CNBC’s Martin Soong when this is likely to take place and what it plans to do with the funds raised… read more


CNBC Live Interview: Flying Green

3 Feb’10 || CNBC

Environment doesn’t become a priority for aviation until it relates to profit, says Shashank Nigam, founder and CEO of SimpliFlying. He tells CNBC’s Sri Jegarajah, Martin Soong and Amanda Drury that being green means either reducing costs or driving revenue… read more


3 Feb’10 || Indy Transponder

… What have the first two days of the Singapore Airshow been about? A tag-cloud says it all from SimpliFlying… read more


CNBC Asia- CEO Call

3 Feb’10 ||

Environment doesn’t become a priority for aviation until it relates to profit, says Shashank Nigam, founder and CEO of SimpliFlying. He tells CNBC’s Sri Jegarajah, Martin Soong and Amanda Drury that being green means either reducing costs or driving revenue… read more


Airshow Notes: No Big New Orders, But Lots of Buzz

3 Feb’10 || CNBC

By: Shashank Nigam, CEO, Much has gone as expected at the Singapore Airshow – no big new orders. Regardless, there were certainly a lot of announcements coming from all corners of the globe… read more


Boeing expects new orders for passenger aircraft to fall short of deliveries

2 Feb’10 || Channel News Asia

… Shashank Nigam, CEO & Aviation Analyst, Simpliflying Pte Ltd, said: “They own an all-Airbus fleet and Airbus can literally milk them if they take care of these clients. “So maybe Boeing can do something like that, maybe Ryan Air or other low-cost airlines which are growing fast… it might be an Indian airline, for example, SpiceJet flies all Boeing or it might be Korean or some other budget airline”… read more


Webbies 09 – The Winners

2 Feb’10 || Flightglobal

… Best Blog: Judged by Reed Business Information’s head of Blogging, Adam Tinworth and Vice President Cabin Design Office at Airbus, Jonathan Norris 1. Things In The Sky 2. SimpliFlying 3. AirPigz… read more


4 Wild Things to Expect at Singapore Airshow 2010

2 Feb’10 || CNBC

By: Shashank Nigam, CEO, What a start to the year has it been from airlines. AirAsia and Jetstar announced world’s first low cost alliance. Japan Airlines filed for bankruptcy and hopes to come out as a different airline, with a different alliance altogether (It even hired a monk as a CEO.)… read more


A ‘timely’ new agreement

29 Jan’10 || TODAY

… Airline branding firm SimpliFlying CEO Shashank Nigam also said that Jetstar has shown strong business agility through its partnerships with Changi Airport and AirAsia. “The new routes are low-yielding and have a high load factor. SIA will see its lower end of the economy class suffer,” Mr Nigam added. Mr Ngiam also said that Changi Airport’s move to keep Jetstar here is timely as it will help secure its hub position against Kuala Lumpur… read more


SpiceJet wins International award for Best Website

1 Feb’10 || afaqs!

… Sharing his experience on the award, Shashank Nigam, CEO, SimpliFlying and one of the judges said, “SpiceJet was in tough competition with the other nominees for the best website award and the judges had a tough time deciding. In the end, the friendly user-interface, the custom content for local travelers and ease of use played a much bigger role in securing the award, rather than just the website functionality”… read more


AirBaltic (by

28 Jan’10 ||

Flying from Berlin to Riga with AirBaltic. Video by… read more


Social Media and the Airline Industry

27 Jan’10 || Columbia Business School

Shashank Nigam, founder of SimpliFlying, a blog on aviation, branding and technology, discusses the impact of social media on the airline industry and why customers relate better to brands that show a human face with David Rogers, executive director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership, during the 2009 World Brand Congress in Mumbai… read more


Digital natives and airlines

27 Jan’10 || Ole Kassow, Inc

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by one of the most passionate and well-informed airline observers, The AirObserver’s Blog, last week. It’s now online here. I talk about the challenges faced by traditional carriers and low cost carriers alike when dealing with digital natives (Generation Y and Generation Z). I would personally like airlines to put a lot more effort into understanding digital natives and coming up with more great initiatives like Southwest, Cathay and Virgin. Another couple of inspired guys are Chris Brogan and Shashank Nigam… read more


Six Brand Leadership Lessons from Air New Zealand, and the flatbed seat in Economy Class

27 Jan’10 || AirMarketeer© Aviation Event Marketing

from SimpliFlying || Aviation :: Branding :: Technology || Airline marketing, airline brand management, social media, Web 2.0 byShashank Nigam. At the edge of the world, a small airline is pushing the envelope when it comes to doing the right things. This is a hallmark of a brand that is going places, even in times of adversity. If you haven’t already heard, Air New Zealand yesterday revealed a revolutionary flat-bed seat in Economy Class that will re-define the way we travel (Check out Crankyflier’s firsthand coverage here). This prompted a lot of commentary around the world, and I really liked one from Arun Rajagopal (in addition to Cranky’s) with his focus on branding… read more


EyeforTravel Social Media Strategies for Travel 2010

26 Jan’10|| UpTake Travel Industry

… Facebook – “Best Practices to get the Highest ROI on Your Social Media Initiatives” – Many travel companies have a token presence on Facebook, but if you want a meaningful presence with a significant ROI and understand how customers prefer to use Faceboook and engage with them, then don’t miss this one. Speakers for this panel include:- A Representative from Facebook; Fiona Ashley, Director of Marketing, Travelmuse; Shashank Nigam, Founder & CEO, Simpliflying; and Brandie Feuer, Director of Interactive Marketing, Planet Hollywood… read more


Digital Natives: The New Travellers, AO Interview Of Ole Kassow

26 J

an’10 || AirObserver’s Blog

… Anyway, back to your question, the most authentic, open and dialogue-based airline companies are probably Southwest Airlines and Virgin. What they have in common is a great company culture. Check the interview with Paula Berg, the force behind the new media strategy at Southwest… read more



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