South Africa’s Kulula Airlines goes back to basics with Flying 101 re-branding

Did you ever know where the black box is located on a plane? Did you know what A.P.U stands for? Probably not, unless you’re a geek. Kulula Airlines of South Africa, which is known for its quirky branding, has come up with a solution – an airplane painted with facts about…the plane itself!

Now here’s one plane that’s bound the become the kids’ favorite. In fact, I bet that adults would be intrigued too. I’d let the pictures do the talking, and you be the judge.

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  • Doug Blakely

    Absolutely love this and what a fantastic idea! Great timing too with the World Cup just around the corner and the whole world looking in on South Africa … Simply Brilliant!

  • Kenny Sturgeon

    First of all, Great blog! I just discovered you and have been enjoying the process of “catching up”. This post really caught my eye, as I have been recently working to improve the interactivity and memorability of my own branding and product offerings.
    The combination of elegant simplicity, cartoonish fun, and real info really makes this whole concept a winner.

  • Zenith Software Ltd.

    Branding can simply be getting back to basics – proven again. Absolutely wonderful work.

  • Neutrino 1990

    Hope they take flying more seriously!

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