Brand Placement 2.0: airBerlin sponsors the weather girl, weather map and more..

Airlines sponsoring weather segments on the news is nothing new. We often hear “weather sponsored by…” or “today’s weather brought to you by…”, before or after the segment. What’s new is how airBerlin has started doing it.

German cable television news network N24’s weather girl now presents the weather wearing the full airBerlin cabin service uniform, including the trademark red gloves. If that wasn’t in-your-face enough, the map not only shows the weather of key German cities, but also weather at all airBerlin desinations – with the airBerlin logo on it too!

While some think that this is bad advertising, I’d say this is very creative and a good example  of brand placement. I’m sure airBerlin must be paying much more than just sponsoring the weather, but then again – it’s what it takes to get your destination map shown to all of Germany every hour isn’t it?

What do you think? Slick advertising, or over the top? Let’s hear it on Twitter (@simpliflying) and in the comments.

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