Five airlines (and an airport) that surprised passengers this Christmas with Wow campaigns

Remember how KLM surprised passengers last holiday season? And how Spanair had presents coming out of the conveyer belt on Christmas eve last year? Such initiatives are now known in the airline world as “Wow campaigns”.

Marketing managers all over the world are trying to do at least one or two of these to raise their airlines’ profiles these days. And lots of them took place over the Christmas weekend. Here’s our compilation of six heartwarming Wow campaigns.

1. Santa flies past a Spanair flight and delivers gifts to kids

On Wednesday 21st of December at 20:30, at 10,700 meters of altitude, the 173 passengers on JK6474 between Barcelona and A Coruña did not believe what they were experiencing. His plane crossed in flight with Santa Claus …and the kids on board received personal gifts! The video has over 700,000 views on Youtube!

2. Unexpected baggage on a Virgin America flight

Holiday travel can be full of baggage, so Banana Republic teamed up with Virgin America to help passengers claim a little joy! Inspired by Spanair’s “Unexpected Luggage” last X’mas, they wrapped up the coziest of surprises to make holidays bright.

3. Santa’s elves take over one of airBaltic planes

Already featured last week in our Christmas greetings post, airBaltic surprised its customers by creating a spectacular lights show projected on one of its Boeing 737s, decorating it beautifully! Over 200,000 views on Youtube.

4. Latino Santa flies LAN Airlines from Chile to Argentina!

Imagine a Spanish-speaking Santa Claus checking in with you, then sitting next to your kids and giving them gifts on the plane. That’s exactly what happened on a LAN Airlines flight from Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires in Argentina. Nice looking Santa there, straight out of the kids’ books!

5. Samichlaus flies SWISS all over Europe

Like LAN, SWISS had their own Santa flying all over Europe surprising passengers and delivering happiness to kids.

6. Toronto Pearson sings Christmas carols to passengers

As many of you already know, Toronto Pearson surprised me and many others this Christmas as we were flying out by having Christmas Carols sung personally for us at boarding gates. How sweet!

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