Crisis Management for the Connected Traveler: brand new SimpliFlying MasterClass

They say, “Practice makes perfect.” But what is practice without theory or insights from real-world cases?

At SimpliFlying, we have been sharing our analysis and theories on customer engagement strategy for airlines and airports. To translate that knowledge into effective skills for airline and airport executives, SimpliFlying has designed the MasterClass – a specialised curriculum that merges theory with practice. Today, we are launching a new MasterClass – Crisis Management for the Connected Traveler.

Looking at the latest airline ‘turbulences’ on social media such as Korean Air’s #primitiveenergy Twitter incident that began just four days ago, it is more obvious now that airline crises take more forms and shapes than before.

Truth is, airlines are more likely to learn about crises form Facebook or Twitter before hearing from an internal source. To help airline and airport executives become better prepared for crises, the SimpliFlying Masterclass will take participants through a unique curriculum comprising of over 20 case studies, high-level discussions and simulation exercises.

As the forefather of modern philosophy Immanuel Kant wrote:

“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.”

That is the basis that we have built our MasterClass series on. In the subsequent weeks, we will be launching ‘Social Media Benchmarking’  and other topics for our MasterClass series. Please stay tuned!

Meanwhile, do check out the information sheet for Crisis Management MasterClass as well as what our previous participants have to share about it!


If you wish to learn more about our MasterClass, please drop us a line at

Li Guen

Li Guen

Former Head of Communications and Marketing at SimpliFlying
Li Guen was the Marketing Communication Lead and Project Manager at SimpliFlying from May 2012 to May 2017. Prior to this, Li Guen was at Weber Shandwick working with clients including Rolls-Royce, Changi Airport Group and P&G. In her free time, Li Guen likes trekking mountains in Asia.
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