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So much has been written about the potential and need for driving loyalty through social media on this blog (see Additional Resources below) that a preamble to this eBook is almost unnecessary. However, given that we’ve written so much, now, given the increasing need for airlines to understand how this can actually be done, we’ve written an eBook that serves this need specifically. Over 10 case-studies, drawn from airlines across the world, illustrate how new, social technologies can be used to drive loyalty in today’s connected traveller. And today we’re giving it away as a free eBook.


Top 3 reasons you need to have this eBook

  1. 10 great case-studies: From Estonian Air’s award-winning social loyalty programme to Qantas’ Augmented Reality app to Virgin America’s tie-up with TopGuest, this eBook covers a global range of impactful airline initiatives that have helped drive loyalty.
  2. Move up the learning ladder: Beginner and wish to explore more? Don’t fret. This eBook takes you from Beginner to Pro over 10 case-studies. Already a Pro and wish to go to the next level? This eBook is perfect for you, letting you explore a number of different technologies and techniques to capture the loyalty of customers online.
  3. Three-pronged analysis: The eBook follows a three-pronged technique of analysing each case-study, clearly stating the Objectives, Execution Technique and Results Achieved by each airline. At the end of each case-study, a special box reiterates these three points in short, memorable sentences.

Click here to download your free eBook.


Additional Resources

  • Special 3-part series on Low-Cost Carriers and Loyalty (downloadable pdf)
  • How Airports can track passengers throughout the evolving Traveler Life Cycle (Presentation)
  • Tero Taskila, Estonian Air’s CEO, talks about creating the World’s First Social Loyalty Program for Airlines (Profile)
  • The Business of Loyalty. Gabi Kool, CEO of BalticMiles speaks on the changing loyalty landscape (Interview)
  • What the future of airline loyalty looks like (Article)
  • Why the future of loyalty will be powered by social media (Infographic)


Do write to loyalty@simpliflying.com to learn more about how your airline too can unleash the potential of social loyalty.

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