Episode 5 of SimpliFlying Podcasts: Interview with Vueling’s CEO Alex Cruz and Industry Updates

“We live in an extremely dynamic environment… None of us on this [podcast] and potentially anyone listening knew what the hell Pinterest was a year ago”

With these words Vueling’s CEO, Alex Cruz, responded to a question on the Spanish airline’s future social marketing strategy during this month’s Simplifying Podcast that featured him as a guest.


In keeping with our usual format, the podcast is composed of a 10 min introductory section where we take a look at  the latest trends in aviation followed by a 25 min interview with our guest, Vueling’s CEO Alex Cruz.

In today’s introductory section we review the importance of response times in social media and the ongoing debate over in-flight Wi-Fi and its different business model. During the interview with Alex we analyzed the following subjects:

  • Critical factors behind Vueling’s success (11:30)
  • Spanish market : The collapse of Spanair, high speed railways and Iberia’s new low cost subsidiary (13:40)
  • Vueling’s Spanglish advertising and its cloud (22:00)
  • Strategy: Hybrid, but only if cost leader (24:42)
  • Vueling’s marketing channels (26:50)
  • Alex Cruz’s view on social media (28:40)
  • Social media ROI for Vueling (29:50)
  • Rapid fire round (35:00)

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Marco Serusi

Marco Serusi

Senior Consultant at SimpliFlying
Marco Serusi is SimpliFlying's director of consulting and has worked on major client projects with the likes of LATAM Airlines, London Heathrow and Airbus He has also delivered training in digital aviation strategy for hundreds of executives globally and spoken at several aviation conferences worldwide. He is well known for his cutting-edge research into crisis communications and social media trends. Serusi started his career in aviation after graduating in Air Transport and completing his Masters with a specialization in marketing. He is Italian who also speaks Spanish and English fluently and has lived in several countries including the UK, USA, Italy and Spain. He has been with SimpliFlying for over 6 years. You can talk to him in Italian, English or Spanish. You can also tweet him at @simplimarco, e-mail him at marco@simpliflying.com.
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