Lufthansa’s 2nd Air Cargo Innovation Challenge crowdsources Innovative Ideas on Improving “Customer Service”

Last December, Lufthansa Cargo launched a unique campaign seeking innovative “Green Solutions” from around the world to help reduce the cargo company’s environmental impact and improve their services. The campaign not only drove a lot of awareness about the brand but received a number of great ideas as well which are already through the evaluation phase and under development.


In Pursuit of Success again

Riding on the success of the first initiative, the Air Cargo Innovation Challenge is back for a second round. This time the focus is on crowdsourcing innovative ideas on improving customer service and processes between customers/consignors, shippers/forwarders and the airline – specifically in the following areas:

  • “Customer in touch” – Customer contact and touch points
  • “Applify Cargo” – Apps and all means of new technology communication
  • “Catch me, if you can” – Customer loyalty programs
  • “Blank room” – Free, creative ideation


The campaign has gained great traction in the few weeks since it was launched. Already, 262 members have submitted over 100 ideas and 382 evaluations. 


Harnessing the social web’s greatest strengths

It is worth noting that the benefits of this campaign are four-fold. First, it is a great branding exercise for the company, which will be seen in a positive light by customers and non-customers for consciously trying to improve its service. Second, it offers a real benefit to the company as well, mostly free of cost. The really great ideas will be worth many times more than the rewards on offer. Third, if offers a great opportunity for anyone from anywhere in the world with truly innovative ideas to see his/her ideas being brought to fruition. Fourth, it creates an opportunity for more people to become closely associated with the Lufthansa brand.


A showcase of brilliant ideas from across the world

Here are a few ideas that caught my fancy:

  1. Flexible Cargo: The idea is to offer cheaper rates to customers who are price-sensitive but not time-sensitive. This would allow customers to ship at cheaper rates while allowing the company to utilize its planes better.
  2. Partnership with Messe Exhibitors: Given that Germany has the largest number of international trade fairs such as at Messe Berlin, Frankfurt etc it would be worthwhile for Lufthansa Cargo to tie up with exhibitors to transport their equipment. The benefits would be better service for exhibitors and increased awareness about Lufthansa Cargo.
  3. Customised catering: Instead of standard catering, of which as much as an estimated 75% goes waste, offer customised catering to the crew. This small reduction in weight could help the plane either save more fuel or carry more cargo, which adds up over time to huge benefits. Moreover, the crew could be given an option to order food of their choice beforehand. [push h=”18″]

The Essence of Social Engagement – Quid Pro Quo

The contest winners (the first three positions) will be invited to Frankfurt to present their idea to a team of LH Cargo top management, including a round-trip Lufthansa economy flight from the winner’s country of residence. Additionally, these winners will receive flight training in an MD-11 with a Lufthansa Cargo Flight Captain in the Flight Simulation Center in Frankfurt and Lufthansa Miles and More travel miles (the winner getting as many as 25,000 miles). Moreover, the 4th, 5th and 6th place winners will each be rewarded with 15,000 Lufthansa Miles and More Miles. Students who submit winning ideas may also be offered an internship at LH Cargo to support the implementation of those concepts.

You can submit your ideas on the  platform until November 7th 2012.

For more great crowdsourcing initiatives, please download the Top 10 case-pack we published some months ago.

Shubhodeep Pal

Shubhodeep Pal

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Shubhodeep Pal was leading SimpliFlying's Research, Product Development, Marketing and Business Development from December 2010 to December 2017 from the headquarters in Singapore. He has spoken at airline conferences and delivered training workshops for senior aviation executives. He has also appeared on television interviews and been quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal. His writings have appeared extensively on SimpliFlying and respected industry outlets such as Airlinetrends, Tnooz, Airport World, Low Cost and Regional Airline Business Magazine and Loyalty360. In a previous role, he also conducted a workshop on social media at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore.
Shubhodeep Pal
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