MasterClass for Agencies – Understanding and delivering what matters

At SimpliFlying, we help airlines build profitable customer engagement strategies. That means also helping their agencies to help them soar.


Delivering measurable initiatives that drive business goals

For an airline, the business behind flying involves so much more than just flying passengers. The airline business is a uniquely sophisticated one that switches between product and service. It is one whereby customer engagement matters greatly way before the booking, after the transaction before the flight, during the flight and even after the flight. This is especially true given the rise of the Connected Traveler.

If agencies understand the state-of-play and processes behind this business, they can deliver advice and ideas of greater quality and relevance to their clients.


Getting down to what really matters for airline clients

To make the agency-client partnership a rewarding one, SimpliFlying has developed a MasterClass to help agencies help their clients soar. Starting with a compelling crash course on the state-of-play of social media in aviation, the MasterClass will help agencies identify business goals that matter to their clients as well as corresponding opportunities in the Connected Traveler Lifecycle. Because the real challenge of an airline is its competitors, not the customers (who can, instead, be classified under “opportunity”), the MasterClass will also address how agencies can help their clients benchmark and deliver ROI.

Targeted at account managers and above, the SimpliFlying Masterclass will take participants through a unique curriculum comprising over 50 case studies, high-level frameworks, discussions and simulation exercises.

Whether it is for a current airline client or a new business pitch, this MasterClass will prove extremely useful for agencies.

We engaged SimpliFlying during a communications pitch for Air New Zealand. Not only were they great to deal with, their insights into the airline sector and consumer trends were stellar. We subsequently went on to successfully win the confidence of the airline.

I would recommend SimpliFlying to anyone interested in gaining insights into how social media and technology impacts airline marketing, and more importantly how to identify opportunities for real innovation and success.

– Peeyoosh Chandra, Digital Planning Director, Saatchi & Saatchi


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