[Podcast] SimpliFascinating Interview with Mary Kirby on the evolving face of Airline Passenger Experience and in-flight connectivity

Today, we’re releasing the 7th episode of the SimpliFlying Podcasts. It features Mary Kirby, Editor-in-Chief, Airline Passenger Experience magazine and APEX media platform. You might also remember her from her previous, famous avatar as Runway Girl.

In an illuminating conversation with Shashank Nigam, CEO of SimpliFlying, and Marco Serusi, Community Engagement Executive for SimpliFlying, Mary talks about some of the most important and interesting developments in the sphere of Airline Passenger Experience, including the hot topic of In-Flight Wi-Fi.

Source: FlightGlobal.com

In this podcast you can expect to hear some thought-provoking insights on:

  • Real-time image sharing (01:00)
  • The evolving traveler lifecycle (3:00)
  • New found focus on the passenger and its consequences (10:00)
  • First Class is starting to go the way of the Dodo bird ( 11:30)
  • The rise of wireless In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) (12:50)
  • How on-board tablets are challenging traditional IFEs (14:20)
  • The need for power in flight (16:30)
  • Will this be the year of widespread in-flight WiFi? (18:45)
  • Statistics on passenger adoption of WiFi (22:00)
  • What’s the future of the in-flight WiFi business model? (25:00)
  • How in-flight WiFi is going to affect the connected traveler as well as the airlines that carry them (28:00)

Get a cup of coffee and your headphones. We’re sure you’re going to love this podcast!

You can subscribe to the SimpliFlying Podcasts on iTunes as well. Previous podcasts can be found here.

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