Airline marketers bring on the holiday cheer – jetBlue #flyitforward, Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red Christmas choir, Cathay Pacific Flashmob

Just as the Christmas and New Year holiday travel kicks in, airlines around the world are going out of their way to be very nice to travellers – especially in times that flights are likely to get delayed. WestJet in Canada kick-started the season earlier in December with real-time gift-giving by Santa. Now, jetBlue, Virgin Atlantic and Cathay Pacific have done their bits to bring holiday cheer to travellers.

jetBlue #flyforward flies hitchhikers to destinations–r8TsCWo

Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red has a Live in-flight choir

Cathay Pacific crew welcomes Santa in a flashmob


Airlines surely seem to be on top of their game this holiday season, bringing lots of cheer and happiness to all. From the SimpliFlying team, we wish everyone Season’s greetings as well.

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