Airline Marketing SimpliRecap: How to Increase onboard Ancillary Revenues, Air New Zealand’s Romance Class, Top 10 Airlines on Instagram & more!

Editor’s Note: While SimpliFlying’s aviation marketing thought leadership goes far and wide, we know there is more great content beyond our borders. SimpliRecap is a weekly feature that ensures that our readers don’t miss the latest in airline and airport marketing. This week’s selection is from the world of airline marketing. Find our previous editions here. [push h=”16″]

The Best Airline Passenger Experience Innovations of 2013

The World Airline Entertainment Association named five airlines this year as finalists for its annual Avion Passenger Choice Awards. The Avion Awards honored Delta Air Lines for the creation of the Sky Deck, an open-air terrace with airfield views, which it has added to both its Atlanta and New York CIty Delta Sky Clubs.

Read who else got nominated at Skift. [push h=”14″]

How Airlines Can Increase onboard Ancillary Revenues 

Besides equipping their cabin crew with tablets that contain customer information, so crew can serve passengers in a better way (think BA, Iberia, KLM, Etihad, Qantas), airlines are also looking to use these crew tablets to increase ancillary revenues onboard. For example, American Airlines has provided all of its 17,000 flight attendants with Samsung Galaxy Notes that besides customer service applications can be used for onboard transactions…

….Airlines are also learning some tricks of the retail trade here. For example, Virgin America – one of the few airlines that already lets passengers order and pay for food, beverages and merchandise via its RED IFE system – has introduced a so-called ‘open tab’ function on its seatback system. With the open tab feature, passengers only have to swipe their credit card once per flight to buy the items they want. The tab stays open until a passenger closes it, or until the aircraft descends and reaches 10,000 feet, at which time it will automatically be closed.

More great insights from our friend Raymond Kollau over at Future Travel Experience. [push h=”14″]

Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red Flights will offer live performances to passengers

In August, comedians traveling to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (which runs through August 26) will get to practice on passengers before they reach the event. In September, the jokes will be replaced by live music that promises to pay tribute to the “rich music scenes in Scotland and Manchester.”

Virgin continues being wacky. Read more about the initiative at TIME. However, The Economist’s business travel blog is not too happy with it. Read why at Gulliver. [push h=”14″]

Mobile interaction with passengers increasingly important to airline IT departments

Mobile services for passengers can be divided into two main tiers, the first being a straight replica of services offered on an airline’s website such as check-in and the ability to search and book flights, says Knierim. “About 50% of airlines offer this,” he notes, adding that passengers are “starting to expect this” from carriers.

The second, and more evolving, tier involves using mobile technology to stay in touch with passengers throughout their journey and interact with them on a more personal level…

More signals that airlines are giving today’s Connected Traveller increasing respect and importance — and deservedly so! Read more at APEX Editors’ Blog. [push h=”14″]

Have you heard of Air New Zealand’s “Romance Class”?

While the video is not technically an in-flight safety demonstration, it sure does look like one. The ‘Romance Class’ campaign will never make it to the seatback TVs and is part of a new online advertising push tempting Chinese couples to head to New Zealand to either say their ‘I dos’ or jet off to the island nation for a fabulous honeymoon.

Find out more at Jaunted. [push h=”14″]

Lufthansa now has dedicated check-in counters for families

To cater to the growing number of ‘flying families’ on board, Lufthansa has recently opened Family Check-in counters at its Frankfurt and Munich hubs. At the family-friendly desks – which can be used by families traveling with children up to 12 years old – children can climb a few steps so they can watch the check-in procedure, receive their boarding pass and also a special ‘Best Friend’ boarding pass for their teddy or cuddly toy accompanying them on their flight.
Read more at [push h=”14″]

Emirates first airline in the MENA region to integrate Google Now with online booking

Emirates use of Google Now will enable its customers to use it like a personal assistant offering information about their travel plans when they need it. Details about timings, departure terminals, local currency, accommodation and weather conditions will be updated automatically without the user having to ask or search for it.

Read the entire article on Travolution. [push h=”14″]

[Presentation] The Top 10 Airlines on Instagram

As we have seen in our special report, this mobile-based network has managed to create and maintain a healthy community of users, complete with its own unique culture, while also updating and improving its platform.

Given this huge community of users, and the immensely attractive visual component of the platform, it is not surprising that airlines on Instagram have looked to drive key business goals such as community engagement, driving destination awareness and for route marketing. We hope you enjoy the case-pack below…

And finally the last post is a recap from the SimpliFlying stable. View the presentation on Top 10 Airlines on Instagram. [push h=”16″]

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