Airport Marketing SimpliRecap: Brisbane Airport’s SMS-sharing screens, Changi Airport’s Social Tree, LAX’s new terminal gets interactive & more!

Editor’s Note: While SimpliFlying’s aviation marketing thought leadership goes far and wide, we know there is some great content out there on the web that leaves us in awe. SimpliRecap is a weekly section that ensures that our readers don’t miss the latest in airline or airport marketing, along with some of our own takes on the happenings. Enjoy! [push h=”16″]

Brisbane Airport personalises passenger experience with SMS-sharing screens 

We all know that airport advertising has huge potential for any airport to drive commercial opportunities. But, here Brisbane Airport has added a nice twist — not only to drive a real community spirit, but to enliven the airport environment — using digital media to a stunning effect. Not only do BNE actively encourage travellers to join the conversation — posting an SMS message to their departing friend or family member — they also provide real time information and promotions for commercial outlets.

Read more about Brisbane Airport’s initiative at Future Travel Experience[push h=”14″]

SimpliFlying’s VP of Airports, David McMullen says:

Previously we’ve witnessed some amazing marketing that really touches a passengers emotion. None better than Amsterdam Schiphol’s initiative called, ‘The Big Wave Goodbye’ — allowing friends and family to post farewell video wishes as they wave goodbye to loved ones. Delivering a touching message to passengers not only leaves them with warm and lasting memories of their airport experience, but also helps elevates any apprehension they may have of boarding the flight. [push h=”14″]

Meanwhile, at Tampa Airport, real-time flight information provider FlightView has partnered with Tampa International Airport as the inaugural location for Flight-In-Sight!, a gate information display that shows travelers where their plane is en-route to the gate. Read the complete story on Tnooz[push h=”14″]

Dubai Airports introduces smart-gates to reduce waiting times

As we saw above with Tampa, creating a direct and real-time communication channel can also become self-serving, reducing customer service enquiries (both online and offline) whilst giving the airport a chance to create a distinct sense of place and tone of voice. It is also worth noting that understanding queuing times at airports is one of the top 5 reasons why connected travellers access an airports twitter account. Read the complete article on Skift.[push h=”14″]

Singapore Changi Airport’s Social Tree lets passengers leave a digital memento

‘Story telling’ has always been a great way to grab interest and reduce boredom using social media at airports, as there are thousands of stories waiting to be told – of employees, of operations and of travellers themselves.  And what better way than to empower travellers to themselves create great memories and weave stories around them? Changi Airport has created an extremely unique way to preserve such memories and stories. Find out how on[push h=”14″]

LAX gets interactive: Inside the New Tom Bradley International Terminal

MRA International created a first-of-its-kind Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS) that uses sensor technologies and real-time data to create digitized and interactive architectural elements. It’s a far cry from rows of flat screen monitors playing loops of local news and weather updates.

We have written much about the Connected Traveller and how he/she has changed the complete travel paradigm. Here’s more evidence of how airports are responding to changing behaviours and expectations by introducing new, cutting-edge technology to create a more immersive, personalised experience for today’s traveller. Read the complete article on Sparksheet[push h=”14″]

Hong Kong Airport Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Flash Mob

A good flash mob now and again still brings a smile to our faces — not only are such initiatives great ways to drive buzz, awareness and to generate viral videos, they are also excellent for showcasing the terminal itself. Read more about this one at Airport World.

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