Vote for the SimpliFlying Hero of July 2013 – It’s Finnair vs Virgin Atlantic vs Delta! #SimpliHeroes

We’re back with the nominations for July’s round of SimpliFlying Heroes. Over a keenly contested set of two rounds, we’ve had two excellent winners for March and May. We’re sure this month’s nominations will be keenly contested as well.

p.s. Let the world know you’ve voted – use #SimpliHeroes and let your Hero know you care!

Vote for the SimpliFlying Hero for July 2013!

Aku Varamäki, Finnair

Following two successful Quality Hunters initiatives with Helsinki Airport, Finnair is back with Quality Hunters 2013. This year, the customers-at-heart initiative extends across multiple networks including Pinterest, where fans can pin pictures of meals they desire onboard! It’s hard to deny that whatever Finnair does just makes you to sit up and take notice of them. Aku has been personally leading the Quality Hunter initiatives and is, without doubt, a critical part of the Finnair marketing machine.

Kyle Thorne, Virgin Atlantic

Red, vibrant, quirky – it’s hard to take your eyes off wherever Virgin Atlantic is present. Among its outstanding feats online is the Virgin Atlantic blog (also featured as one of the Top 10 airline blogs in our recent article), its Pinterest-like layout that’s optimised in highlighting image content aimed at driving destination awareness. In short, the Virgin Atlantic blog scores a hole-in-one with the strong visuals and entertaining content, and not to forget, its highly engaging Facebook and Twitter account as well. All thanks to Kyle and his team who has grown Virgin Atlantic’s social following to 400,000 in 2 years!


Jerry Fletcher, Delta Air Lines

Considered one of the Big Daddies of airlines on social media, Delta Air Lines cements its leadership in the social media sphere with its real-time Twitter customer service. Delta Assist continues to set the benchmark for other airlines to follow. Not to forget is also its simple yet attractive Tumblr blog (also featured in our Top 10 airline blogs), that is not only strong in visual content but also allows easy sharing to other social networks. Jerry is the stalwart who continues to push the social media envelope at Delta.


Note: Voting closes on 31 July (12 pm ET).



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