Airlines to hold on tight to social media this Christmas, hopefully with good crisis communications plan in place

Existing crisis management focus only on accidents, that happen less than 5% of the time. On the other hand, airline incidents and occurrences make up the bulk of social media volume. These often go unreported but need to be tackled, especially in this social media age.

End December has always been the busiest period for airlines around the world, as folks everywhere travel home to celebrate Christmas and New Year with their loved ones.

  • In just Britain, it has been estimated that on Friday 19 December alone, 400,000 airline passengers will fly from Britain’s airports, according to data supplied by OAG.
  • In America, 2.5 million people will be travelling on the same day, according to the Airlines For America website (source).
  • And not to forget, the universal consensus that Christmas is among the worst days to travel as snowstorms and extra-cold weather are expected to cause major flight delays.

Today, it is no longer a 2-hour response strategy that is expected of airlines but a 30-second one. New phenomenons and multiple personas are appearing in every situation. Does ‘oxygen mask selfies‘ ring a bell?

On social media, news get mixed with rumours that fly thick and fast. Airlines need to be on their toes, have a good pulse on what difficulties their passengers are facing and be able to jump in to provide guidance quickly.

To get the message across, we created a video that highlights a few of the high-profile cases from recent years. Lets hope we are all more prepared this time round!

Upcoming Crisis Communications Quarterly Report

To become better at managing crises, it is important to stay informed about how various sectors, especially airlines, deal with them in this age of connected traveller.

Come 2015, SimpliFlying will be launching a quarterly Crisis Communications report that contains a selection of the 15 most high-profile crisis case studies from the airline industry as well as other sectors, and assess their impact.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about the report, click here:


Li Guen

Li Guen

Former Head of Communications and Marketing at SimpliFlying
Li Guen was the Marketing Communication Lead and Project Manager at SimpliFlying from May 2012 to May 2017. Prior to this, Li Guen was at Weber Shandwick working with clients including Rolls-Royce, Changi Airport Group and P&G. In her free time, Li Guen likes trekking mountains in Asia.
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