Qantas A380 emergency landing in Perth: The realities of social media come to fore #QF2

As flight Qantas flight QF2 from Dubai to Sydney diverted to Perth, there were Live accounts of passengers, discussions among aviation experts online and services reporting the status of the flight in real-time. The Qantas A380 emergency landing was Live, online. Here’s how the story unfolded. The age of the connected traveller is here.

In the age of the connected traveller, every moment in-flight can be shared real-time. When something goes wrong, news editors turn to social media within seconds of an incident. Airline brands that thrive in this age, are well prepared to deal with such passenger behaviour, rather than resisting it.

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  • Skyman

    A bit light content – wise. When your bio is longer than your article, you should think twice before hitting the “submit post” button.

  • Vishal Mehra

    Most of the piece is within the storify tab, if I understand correctly. Thus, the conventional length seems shorter.

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