SimpliFlying in The News – January, February 2014: Aviation Marketing Insights in BBC, Channel News Asia and more!

The first two months of 2014 has seen some exciting moments for SimpliFlying as our CEO, Shashank Nigam, was featured on BBC and Channel News Asia sharing his take on the Singapore Airshow.


In addition to the usual excitement around airplane deals, this year’s Singapore Airshow explored aviation from interesting angles including how can “Made in China” COMAC inspire confidence, and how airlines are fighting for “eye-balls in mid-air” with inflight entertainment.


A notable incident also made the news in the aviation community, namely the Ethiopian Airlines hijack on ET702. At SimpliFlying, we put together a crisis management analysis deck that examines the episode, what went wrong and what should have been done. This went on to be picked up by Jaunted, one of the first and key news site reporting on the incident.


Please enjoy the following articles where SimpliFlying’s aviation marketing insights have been featured in January and February.


Airport Marketing Exchange – SCALING NEW HEIGHTS
Airport World | 19 January 2014

Compared to last year’s numbers, we definitely see a significant upward trend in terms of investment in airport social media. In fact, many airports are bullish about the prospects of a more aggressive social media strategy for 2014. Read more



Exclusive: How the Ethiopian Hijacking Hit Twitter and Became a Social Media Emergency Lesson
Jaunted | 17 February 2014

There is a great saying, alternately attributed to Winston Churchill and Mark Twain, which cautions the belief of sensational news: “A lie is halfway around the world before truth has got its boots on.” In the case of aviation emergencies, there is an instant thirst for information and transparency. Read more

ANALYSIS: Upping the social media game
Airline Business | 7 February 2014

Shashank Nigam, chief executive of SimpliFlying, says American’s evolution in 2013 was a “nice surprise” and calls it a “force to watch” in the social media space. Read more

The Moodies’ attract record number of entries ahead of The Trinity Forum
The Moodie Report | 20 January 2014

The annual awards made their debut last year, attracting over 160 submissions from around the world and offering a fascinating tapestry of social and digital media excellence. The awards will be judged by an expert panel, including Mighty Media Group Pty Ltd Chief Enabling Officer Stephenie Rodriguez, as announced earlier this month. Other judges include SimpliFlying CEO Shashank Nigam and The Moodie Report Executive Director – Business Development & Innovation Matt Willey. Read more

Read the follow-up on shortlisted nominees here.


Talking about Comac at Singapore Airshow
BBC News | 14 February 2012

Singapore Airshow: The fight for eyeballs in mid-air
BBC News | 11 February 2014

“In-flight entertainment is right up there in the priority list of travellers,” says Shashank Nigam, chief executive of SimpliFlying, a firm that advises airlines on customer engagement. “When people know they are going to be sitting on the same seat for hours at a stretch, this could be the factor that tilts the balance against, or in favour of, an airline.” Read more

Also featured in here.

[VIDEO] SIA, Airbus to set up flight training centre in Singapore
Channel News Asia | 12 February 2014

Mr Shashank, Nigam, CEO of SimpliFlying, said: “As you’ve seen in the past years, they (SIA) have gone low cost long haul with Scoot, increased investment in Tiger Airways, and they’ve got their full service carrier. Now a training centre in collaboration with Airbus. It does not have fuel costs, it does not have seasonal traffic and there’s always a demand for pilots wanting to learn how to fly the planes.” Read more


Singapore Airshow: The race to become the world’s best airport
BBC News | 12 February 2014

“The race is so intense that airports have to create something that strikes a chord with travellers,” says Shashank Nigam, chief executive of consulting firm Simpliflying. “Travellers are looking for something more than just a transactional experience, they want something more emotional.” Read more


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Li Guen

Li Guen

Head of Communications and Marketing at SimpliFlying
Li Guen heads the communications and marketing functions at SimpliFlying where she drives corporate branding efforts and industry research initiatives. Prior to this, Li Guen was at Weber Shandwick working with clients including Rolls-Royce, Changi Airport Group and P&G. In her free time, Li Guen likes trekking mountains in Asia. You can tweet her at @SimpliGuen or email her at
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