[Presentation] 5 Ways HR Can Lead Airline Brands into the Age of the Connected Traveller

Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting at the APDC (Airline Personnel Directors’ Council) Annual Conference in Singapore. In a closed-room setting with some of the most senior “People Managers” in the industry, I delved into why — in the Age of the Connected Traveller — HR should no longer be looked at as a cost-centre. Instead, drawing upon industry observations and insights, I argued that HR can significantly affect innovation and productivity at airlines.

The five key points I made were:

  • New digital tools and a connected world offer the opportunity for real-time feedback and constant improvement. (Case Study: KLM Feedback App)
  • A constantly connected world offers tough questions for policy makers in HR departments. Sometimes employee performance is determined by operational challenges. How to survive the constant scrutiny of the always mobile world? (Case Study: Air Canada Baggage Throw)
  • There are three pillars to HR in the Age of the Connected Traveller. The first is Empowerment¬†— an empowered staff culture can ensure that organisations remain flexible and innovative and constantly delight customers. (Case Study: Vueling’s Game of Thrones Booking Engine)
  • The second pillar is Advocacy — staff can often be powerful brand advocates, lending credibility and a human face to the brand. (Case Studies: Emirates Crew Instagram and Southwest Airlines Blog.)
  • The third pillar is¬†Brand Personality¬†— senior-most executives can often determine the fate, perception and popularity of their brands. (Case Study: Tony Fernandes after the AirAsia crash)

The presentation is embedded below for your perusal:


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