For Singapore Airlines, No Detail Is Too Small – the story behind the remarkable video

This week, Singapore Airlines released a remarkable video in which a designer painstakingly puts together possibly the most detailed A380 model plane you’d ever see. The airline worked with their agency, Dentsu Möbius to partner with Luca Iaconi-Stewart, an artist who had become famous for putting together a very intricate model of an Air India Boeing 777. The catch? He only used manila paper!

To put together the Singapore Airlines A380 model, it took Luca 1000 hours and he used 100 manila folders, 3000 pieces and 50 blades. Just the First Class Suite has 400 pieces and took a month!

The end result is possibly one of the best airline videos you’ll see this year.

Singapore Airlines – No detail is too small

The airline also released a few other videos related to the effort. The clips were launched on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook — where the main video has already been viewed over 3 million times, in just a couple of days.

To find out more, we reached out to Mr Foo Chai Woo, Divisional Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Singapore Airlines. Here is an excerpt of the interview.

SimpliFlying: What inspired the video? 
Mr Foo: The campaign started with an objective to communicate Singapore Airlines’ craftsmanship and attention to detail.

SimpliFlying: Why did you decide to reach out to Luca?
Mr Foo: At Singapore Airlines, we are committed to innovation and craftsmanship – you see this in our product and service standards – no detail is too small as we pursue the best for our customers. This collaboration brings the message to life in an interesting, creative way.

SimpliFlying: What about the target audience?
Mr Foo: As the video is hosted on our social platforms, our original target base is our fans and followers. We were excited about the end product as the process in itself was mind boggling. We were confident that our fans would love it, and the fact that it’s been so positively accepted by even those outside our fan base is extremely heartening. 

SimpliFlying: We see that the new Premium Economy seats are featured too.
Mr Foo: This campaign aims to showcase Singapore Airlines’ attention to detail through a re-interpretation of the craftsmanship that goes into its products. We wanted to use this as an opportunity to showcase all our cabin seats, including our new Premium Economy Class. 

SimpliFlying: What about the timing of the launch?
Mr Foo: We launched our new Premium Economy Class earlier this year, and we thought it was timely to put it all together as a showcase of the range of seats across all our cabins. But paying attention to the small details is a cornerstone of Singapore Airlines philosophy, so in that sense, the video is timeless. 

SimpliFlying: What are the metrics SQ is looking to measure?
Mr Foo: Aside from views, we’re keeping an eye on the shareability of the video. As of now, the numbers are encouraging, and we hope people will continue to be amazed and share the magic with their friends.


Indeed, through this video, Singapore Airlines has reinforced their emphasis on detail and craftsmanship, like no other airline. While at it, they have given the aviation geeks among us a video we can drool over throughout the holiday season.

The irony is that Lucas did the Air India model over a year ago, but it is Singapore Airlines who truly leveraged his talent!

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  • Michael Gentle

    OK, I don’t doubt for one moment that Singapore Airlines is a great airline, but let’s see what we’ve really got here. An airline pays an external resource (with no connection to its core business) to build a model airplane, then puts together a marketing message whereby by some sort of magic, the attention to detail in building the model airplane somehow permeates up through the whole organization all the way onto their real planes, all for the benefit of the passenger.

    And finally that the airline somehow manages to get great publicity on this marketing move, as in this article, is really the icing on the cake. Hats off to Mr Foo – you’ve really pulled it off.

    I wonder why the same magic didn’t work for Air India and its model B777? Maybe they didn’t pay enough attention to detail …

    Michael Gentle

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