Vueling names planes after local heroes from around the world #storiesthatdeserveaplane

Lots of airlines have named planes in the past. Some name them on cities, some christen planes with names of spices, and some with their Facebook fans. But Vueling, the Spanish low cost carrier, has taken it a step further.

The airline has launched a new initiative called, “Stories deserving of a plane“, where they are inviting stories of people who pay it forward, to be shared. If a story is touching, then the person’s name will be placed on a Vueling plane. The person who submitted the winning story will also win two tickets on a Vueling destination.

Touching Stories

Those who have been won till now include a couple from New York City who dry-cleans suits of the jobless going for an interview for free. Another is a man who gave a job to the Syrian refugee who was infamously tripped by a Hungarian journalist. The man behind the Tutu Project is also chosen.

Vueling – the Human Brand

The airline previously used to put names of its customers on its planes. Now, they decided to honour local heroes. People already used to relate personally to the brand, now, they will be emotionally invested even if it is not someone they know whose name is on the plane.

Vueling is building a brand with a heart. It’s going beyond the typical CSR tactics employed by major brands. And while at it, it is honouring the anonymous heroes who decided to pay it forward.

We delighted to see efforts like these from airlines. The hope is that Alex Cruz, the current Vueling CEO, will inspire more empathy into the marketing efforts at British Airways, when he takes over the helm next year.

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